Niese tries to right Mets tonight.

It is one thing to lose, but another to give the game away as they did Monday night against the Rockies. The Mets are playing with little margin for error these days, especially against superior teams such as Colorado and Atlanta later this week.

On Monday, Mike Pelfrey threw 113 pitches in 5.1 innings, and the bullpen imploded, highlighted by poor throws from relievers Ryota Igarashi and Bobby Parnell to the plate that kept innings alive.

“The fight is still there, but we’ve got to stop making mistakes,’’ said manager Terry Collins, singing the same refrain heard from most losing teams.

Jon Niese will start tonight and must give the Mets innings as to take them away from the bullpen, which during the current slide of five losses in six games is 0-3 with a 6.57 ERA.

Niese is coming off a rocky start, giving up six runs on eight hits in four innings in an 11-0 loss at Philadelphia.

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2 thoughts on “Niese tries to right Mets tonight.

  1. Though they are making mistakes and losing, they are playing hard and their fundamentals are much better than the previous years.

    We all knew this was going to take time, they are a rough hewn stone in need of being smoothed out. (diamond in the rough)

    We need a new pitching coach to go with the new regime. I have not seen much improvement by our pitching staff. The bats are alive, and they team busts out of the box and runs hard. I see warthen go out, and nothing comes of his talks. for 5 years he goes out and a run comes as he leaves.

    He has had 5 years to turn the pitchers around. Next… (in my job i dont get that luxury)

  2. Mr C… what team do you watch? This team called the Mets is playing with no fundamentals and they QUIT last night? Not even 10% into season and the teams quits!!!!!! Maybe you’ve been lucky and have been watching the St Lucie Mets. You sure aren’t describing the NY Mets. Even mr over hyper, soon to have anervous brakdown called his team quitters last night. Pathetic.