Pelfrey tries to get on track tonight vs. Rockies

It is premature to panic over Mike Pelfrey after two horrific starts that have given him an unsightly 15.63 ERA.

PELFREY: Seeking first win tonight.

Pelfrey said he’ll return to square one for tonight’s game against Colorado, and will rely more on his fastball and splitter something he didn’t do against Florida Opening Day and last week in Philadelphia when he gave up seven runs in two innings.

“I know I need to be better,’’ Pelfrey said in a classic understatement. “I just have to rely on my fastball and splitter, which I didn’t to the first two times out. … If I get beat, I have no problem walking off the field if I can say they beat my best stuff.’’

Against the Phillies, Pelfrey threw first-pitch fastballs to six of the 18 batters he faced. He didn’t say why he went away from his bread-and-butter.

This is what happened to Pelfrey last July when he was winless.

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One thought on “Pelfrey tries to get on track tonight vs. Rockies

  1. He struggled and kept damage to a minimum.
    6th inning was a bit hectic. The bullpen rubbed the salt in the wounds.
    WE need the pitching staff revamped there’s no doubt about it.

    I heard part of it on 660 and then watched on SNY from 7th on. Howie Rose was saying, he thinks Pelf was somehow tipping off his pitches.

    Lets go Warthen this is what u r paid to do. watch your pitcher and look for tells.

    I was right about Delgado, M&M, I am right about Warthen. He had his shot. replace him.
    Our other coaches have improved the offense and defense of the team drastically. yeah we had a few blunders but for the most part it much better aggressive play. bats are making contact and the batter runs.

    Now its time for pitching, but here we are 11 games in and its the same old pitching .. no one can last 5 innings and the Bullpen is worn out already. and not for want of leaving the pitcher in. Collins would have left Pelf stay if he pitched out of the 6th, 113 pitches.. just to rest the pen. in M&M days Pelf would have been pulled at a 100 even.