Bullpen implodes again; Isringhausen here.

We knew going in one of the Mets’ weaknesses was their bullpen, and less than 10 games into the season it has been true to form.

IZZY: Will he help?

A team looking to take the next step does not blow a 3-1 lead in the seventh inning. That’s what happened Sunday to the Mets, who responded by designating for assignment Blaine Boyer and optioning outfielder Lucas Duda and bringing up relievers Jason Isringhausen and Ryota Igarashi.

“The bullpen has been inconsistent, and that’s probably as positive an adjective as I can give,’’ said GM Sandy Alderson.

A better adjective is horrible, as the pen has given up 63 runners in 34.1 innings, many of which have scored. Over the last 11 innings, the pen has walked 11, and given up 10 hits and nine earned runs.

And, with the rotation not going long innings – Chris Young being the exception yesterday throwing seven – a losing record can be expected.

You can’t blame Alderson for taking Boyer over Isringhausen to start the season because he was caught in a contractual corner. Asking Isringhausen to say behind for extended spring training was a gamble worth taking. When you’re not dealing from a position of strength, you do what you can.

The Mets shopped in the bargain basement for relievers this winter spending just $4 million, and with that approach, what has happened is not a surprise. D.J. Carrasco, Taylor Buchholz and Boyer have not been effective.

I don’t know if Isringhausen will be that big of a difference, but he couldn’t hurt. At this point, anything might be a help.


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3 thoughts on “Bullpen implodes again; Isringhausen here.

  1. Looking to take the next step? Funny stuff. A team looking to take the next step has kids on the roster playing every day, unlike the new manager, who seems to run things exactly like the old one did. Platooning Thole with career minor leaguer and having Duda on the bench while he was up and giving up on Parnell after a couple tough nights, and having a totally erratic and Manuelesque rotation at 2nd base shows there is no next step coming. And having 13 frakin pitchers on the rosters is absolutely a demonstration that Alderson hasn’;t brought in any talent for the pen. Rejects galore. He’ll brag about the pne that succeeeds and ignore the dozen that made the team a cellar dweller.

  2. METSFAN: Not throwing in the towel after nine games, but you do make a couple of good points. Duda is gone now, but he should have played more. I don’t have a problem giving Thole a couple of games off considering he’ll do most of the catching this season. You’re right about the pen; it is a disaster with no signs of getting better. Izzy is up now, but is he really the answer? And, don’t give up on Parnell. He needs to grow and you do that after taking your lumps. Thanks for commenting.-JD