Beltran has stud night; Young pitches today.

I admit, after Beltran’s big night my first thought was July and if he stays healthy the Mets would be in better position to make a deal at the trade deadline. I am under no illusions Beltran will return next season, even if he stays healthy, has a big year and the Mets are competitive.

BELTRAN: Has big night.

The Mets’ financial and legal situation will remain the backdrop for this season, and it will be that way until it is resolved.

That being said, it is a good sign he’s swinging the bat well, and I liked how the Mets came back and added runs last night. The Mets are a .500 team after eight games, showing signs of progress one day and their most glaring weaknesses the next.

If it remains that way, it will be a maddening, and yet a fascinating summer. There will be moments and perhaps long stretches of alert aggressive baseball and also times when their pitching gets torched and the bats fall silent with RISP. It is always that way with developing teams.

As far as Beltran is concerned, if he produces the only things that would prevent the Mets from making a deal in July would be his contract and if the team is surprisingly competitive. If, by chance, they are in contention they might keep him in the hopes of making a run.

That, of course, is wishful thinking, but isn’t that the way when one follows the Mets.

Meanwhile, Chris Young goes this afternoon. He was impressive in his first start and if he keeps giving the Mets six solid innings he’ll be fine. In this comeback season that’s about all the Mets can count on from him. So far, the Mets will take what they’ve gotten from Young and last night’s starter Chris Capuano.

The Mets go for their third series win this afternoon with this line-up:

Jose Reyes, SS

Willie Harris, LF

David Wright, 3B

Ike Davis, 1B

Angel Pagan, CF

Lucas Duda, RF

Brad Emaus, 2B

Josh Thole, C

Chris Young, RP


3 thoughts on “Beltran has stud night; Young pitches today.

  1. Time to put Blaine Boyer on a bus to Buffalo. Carrasco didn’t do the job either but hasn’t been as bad overall. Bottom line: opened at home with 2 losses in 3 games against the Gnats.

  2. Still very early in the season. If anything, mets organization didnt fully clean house. we still have warthen. he’s useless. all other changes have made a sizable impact on the game. yet we still have pitching issues.
    I wonder why..

  3. Funny stuff Mr C. This new guy is making moves that will have you screaming to bring back Manuel very soon. Warthen ain’t the problem. The GM provides a bunch of losers, they lose, the manager jerks guys around they lose. .Its quite simple. Just like yesterday. I thought Manuel was having Castillo bunt with Reyes on first and then I realized it was Collins having that loser Harris do the same exact thing. Only difference was that at least Castillo can bunt. Harris can’t even break the Mendoza line.