Pelfrey, Niese ripped in consecutive starts.

While it’s not too early to analyze, it is premature to draw any definitive conclusions about Mike Pelfrey after two horrid starts. Both times he failed to get out of the fifth, and last night he gave up seven runs in two innings.

Every year he strings together several stinkers. It just happens that he’s had two to start the season after a poor spring training. What beat Pelfrey last night was beat him last season, which was losing focus and getting away from his fastball.

Still, I believe he’s made progress and will snap out of it and get into the kind of groove that last season made him one of the premier starters in the first half. A strong start yesterday would have given the Mets two series victories  to start the series.

Instead, with Roy Halladay terrific and Jon Niese assaulted by the Phillies, the Mets are currently being waxed 10-0 and six outs away from a 2-2 start.

It’s still a better start than most anticipated, and somewhat disappointing considering what might have been.


3 thoughts on “Pelfrey, Niese ripped in consecutive starts.

  1. Actually what beat Pelfrey was the fact that known of his pitches had any movement. Progress, what progress, people want this man to be something he’s not. He’s a slightly above average pitcher and people, including you demand he be Lincecum or Halladay or Santana. He’s not. What’s the problem?

  2. I suppose starting the season 3-3 on the road isn’t so bad, given the expectations for the season. But it just hurt that on Wednesday night they battle back to tie it and 7-7 and Boyer IMMEDIATELY gives it back.

    And Thursday’s game..early on you knew it was going to be a rout.

    But maybe we can look at Philadelphia, which has mostly been a joke for its hundred year history and now is probably the best organization in baseball, and take heart that the Mets could become the same, or close to it.

  3. My analysis:
    new hitting coach. our guys are hitting.
    Mookie, the best runner ever, Rickie can kiss his butt. is the 1st base coach and running coach. and what do we see a great running game.
    Same old pitching coach, whom i never really liked, and our pitching is still struggling.
    I believe if we were rebuilding management. the pitching coach should have gone as well.