Let’s talk Mets tonight.

While it is too early to make any assumptions about the Mets, let’s be sure it was important for them to get off to a good start. So far, so good. Mike Pelfrey, who has been rocked in recent starts in Philadelphia, can give the Mets a second straight series win to start the season.

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4 thoughts on “Let’s talk Mets tonight.

  1. I didn’t get to see the game yesterday.

    I tuned in around 3rd or 4th inning and noticed that Pelf was on the bench the bases loaded and someone else was on the mound.

    Pretty soon it was 7-0 or 7-1, but they came back and eventually lost.

    So other than confidence which Bobby O mentioned. What is wrong with Pelf? The last game i saw him get fixated on spots. In the post game I heard them say the batters knew what was coming. It sounds an awful lot like that season where he went out game after game and got shelled.

  2. I wont put it past the phylthies to have scouted his first game then had someone sitting in stadium signaling. or maybe someone noticed his body language. as soon as we changed pitchers .. wow.
    but in the end we lost 3 runs. if we win the rubber match i will be just as happy.

  3. I am worried about Pelf. I understand losing, but he got killed in back to back games. He did not have a good spring and he has never been consistent.

    He has stuff, but he always seems to rely on his catcher. Are our catchers good enough? They are very young.

  4. Collins spoke with Josh Thole and Mike Pelfrey after Pelfrey openly questioned pitch selection following the start.

    Pelfrey is a veteran at this point. He has the ability to shake off the catcher and demand the pitch he wants. I know he is frustrated, but this is not the first time Pelfrey can’t pitch. He has had veteran catchers calling for him and he still sucked. I like Pelf and I know he is frustrated, but he needs to own his approach.