Niese sharp against Marlins; Dickey goes for series win.

The way things started last night for Jon Niese, I didn’t expect him to last long, set alone give up only one hit in the next six innings.

NIESE: Sharp last night.

That upside I mentioned yesterday about Niese? Well, we saw it last night.  He was a definite bright spot. So was David Wright, who drove in two runs with a homer and single.


With Jason Bay down and the Carlos Beltran on the mend, the Mets need a good start from Wright.

Beltran, meanwhile, scored from first on a double by Ike Davis. He also doesn’t seem to have any problems moving in the outfield.

I like how the Mets came back from the first inning and after Francisco Rodriguez blew a save opportunity in the ninth. There was no sign of a fragile confidence.

Other good impressions after the first two games:

* Everybody is hustling. No malingerers in the batting box.

* Brad Emaus has looked comfortable at second.

* There’s pep in Jose Reyes’ step.

The Mets go for the series win this afternoon behind R.A. Dickey.

Here’s the batting order:

Jose Reyes, SS

Willie Harris, LF

David Wright, 3B

Ike Davis, 1B

Angel Pagan, CF

Lucas Duda, RF

Daniel Murphy, 2B

Josh Thole, C

R.A. Dickey, RP


3 thoughts on “Niese sharp against Marlins; Dickey goes for series win.

  1. Mets ended up frying the Fish and winning two games. Time to go to the City of Brotherly Love and fleece the Fillies.

    I don’t expect a pennant run from these guys but it would be nice if it happened.

  2. 1.) Win,Lose or banana.. you have to admit these first 3 games were exciting and this guys showed they were playing the game.
    Lets see if they keep up the intensity.

    Notice we havent heard , they are professional and they will turn it on when necessary…
    Collins says, he they will play hard every day. now that is the right attitude.

  3. It is great that the Mets are relevant again.

    at least after the first round.

    I do like what I see. The whole team is being used. Hu is the defensive replacement at the end of the game. Beltran seems to be comfortable in RF. The pen is doing ok.

    Let us see what the back half of the rotation does and if Pelf can learn to pitch.