Niese going for Mets vs. Fish

Jon Niese going tonight for the boys against Florida. Niese surprised us early last season then struggled in the second half. Hot and cold. Sounds like a lot of Mets’ pitchers. Bottom line is we still don’t know what to expect from him.

I’m glad the Mets eschewed dealing Niese last year at the trade deadline because despite an erratic start to his career, I see a big upside with him. Lefties are golden.

Angel Pagan is hitting second tonight, which I don’t understand. Willie Harris is on the bench tonight despite getting two hits last night.

If you want to engage in a chat room tonight, click on to the Mets Chat icon to your left. I am hopeful the problems from last night have been resolved.

4 thoughts on “Niese going for Mets vs. Fish

  1. Jose should have taken that pop up. And the new 2b has been criticized for not getting to the ball on a grounder.

    They need to play better

  2. I can’t say Krod is pitching bad, but he shuddabeen able to get
    Out of the inning with a save

  3. well they won.

    that is good to see. the new manager used his bench. hu made an appearance at 2b, murphy came up to bat and it looks like beltran is ok in right.

  4. So far what i have loved watching in the first 2 games. Everyone has busted out of the batters box after making an in play hit.
    Secondly, seeing a real first base coach talking properly to the runner on first.

    The down side – once again Krod gives up a run, a save/win stolen from Niese. growing pains i guess.
    I think collins is checking out in the first few games the bull pen … which IS SMART!!! As i watched game one and game 2. and the use of the pen and the becnh and the platooning, in my mind I was thinking, Collins is using these early games to gage the team. ABOUT TIME A manager did this with a struggling/rebuilt Mets team.
    I see positives so far..