Tonight’s Opening Day lineup for Mets

Tonight’s lineup for Mets on Opening Day at Florida against the Marlins.


Jose Reyes, SS

Willie Harris, LF

David Wright, 3B

Carlos Beltran, RF

Angel Pagan, CF

Ike Davis, 1B

Brad Emaus, 2B

Josh Thole, C

Mike Pelfrey, RP


LINEUP COMMENTS: To get some pop in the middle of the order with Jason Bay on the disabled list, manager Terry Collins dropped projected No. 2 hitter Angel Pagan to fifth behind Carlos Beltran. There are no other surprises is the order.

It wouldn’t surprise me, depending on how long Bay is out, that Collins will juggle his order. One thing Collins might consider would be to elevate Josh Thole to second. Thole can work the count and make contact, essential for a No. 2 hitter.


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5 thoughts on “Tonight’s Opening Day lineup for Mets

  1. I think Pagan batting 5th is very smart.
    if beltran does his job. its like batting in the 1 spot. otherwise. pagan is good with bat and fast. so he can keep a possible double play down to a 1 out.

  2. Concur with you, SteveC. It makes sense. If you look at the lineup in a split fashion, then Pagan is like a leadoff hitter for the last four position players’ spots in the order.

  3. Why isnt Pagan batting 2nd? wouldnt it make the top part of the lineup harder?

    I guess this is more balanced, but the other way puts more pressure on a pitcher no?