Pelfrey rocked in opener

The Mets’ 50th season opened tonight in Florida in much the way many thought it would, with the Mets losing to the Marlins, 6-2.

PELFREY: Didn't have it tonight.

Not really a surprise considering Mike Pelfrey’s track record against Florida (now 1-7) and Josh Johnson’s while facing the Mets (now 8-1).

The night was about dominance, as Johnson took a no-hitter into the seventh inning. Wouldn’t it have been just like the Mets to be no-hit in the first game of a new era?

Pelfrey unraveled in the fourth when he gave up a grand slam to John Buck in his first jam of the season. The Mets gave up 12 slams last season, most in the majors.

The Mets looked listless as they mustered just four hits, with half of them coming from Willie Harris. Four hits just won’t get it done.

The rotation this summer, with Johan Santana out, will be all about Pelfrey. He’s their ace, their top gun, and not making it out of the fifth is something they can’t afford.


6 thoughts on “Pelfrey rocked in opener

  1. I don’t know about the Mets looking listless, JD. Josh Johnson is a beast on the hill — and not an All-Star by accident — and he overpowered the Mets. Gotta give credit where it’s due. But Pelf sealed his own fate in the first — 25 pitches (including that great 10-pitch AB by Chris Coghlan) — ain’t gonna get it done. Pelf STILL needs an out pitch. Pitching behind hitters as he did all night is asking for trouble.

  2. I have to agree with Gil. It is ridiculous to say the Mets looked listless because they couldn’t hit Josh Johnson. I wasn’t like they were facing Oliver Perez you know!

  3. Gil/Metsfan (1/2): It didn’t matter if if was Johnson, Perez or Sandy Koufax, if your offense is going to get four hits you are going to look listless. Johnson completely stuffed them through six innings.-JD

  4. In the postgame they mentioned that Pelf is just too predictable. That he needs to come inside to make the low away stuff work. He missed by not much, but it was enough to put him on the spot.

    I wonder if a more experienced catcher would be better for him. A catcher who can guide him. Thole doesnt have but more than a few years below AA under his belt. We are very young at catcher.

  5. dave (5): Interesting point. Pelfrey was at his best last year early with Barajas. He did close strong with Thole, so I can’t buy your argument in full. Then again, Warthen is supposed to be helping him. Next up for Pelfrey are the Phillies.-JD