Pelfrey faces Marlins in season opener; check out new poll.

I’m asking you in a new poll where you believe the Mets will finish this season. I am planning more polls this summer, so if there’s something you’d like to nominate, please feel free to contact me.


Another season starts tonight with Mike Pelfrey going against Josh Johnson. Pelfrey knew he’d be getting this start when manager Terry Collins spoke with him at a charity event in January.

“Obviously, you look at Santana, it would be his if he was here,” Pelfrey said. “But that’s still something that everyone wants to do, that everyone strives to do.”

Pelfrey’s career has been one of unfulfilled expectations for the first few years of his career until things started to fall in place last year. The lost focus suddenly sharpened, his sinker started to drop and he began to challenge hitters with his fastball and Pelfrey pitched like an All-Star in the first half of the season.

If not for a horrid July in which he went 0-4 with a 9.00 ERA, Pelfrey might have closed in on 20 wins. As it was, he won a career-high 15 games and is poised for better things.

“I learned from that stretch,” Pelfrey said. “I learned not to give up on my fastball and to not get away from challenging hitters.”

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Wishing you all a great year.




16 thoughts on “Pelfrey faces Marlins in season opener; check out new poll.

  1. Ahhh… Another season is upon us.

    As for the poll, I think we can win 85 games, but wont be close for the wildcard.

    We have a chance to be good, but we need our players to play to their ability. We need the baseball Gods to help us in tough situations. And most of all, we need the fans to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’re headed for another bright future. Hop aboard. The train is about to leave the station.

  2. I’ll go with the over..83 wins like we did every year in the early 1970s.

    Looks I like missed by six numbers of winning the $317 million lottery last week and buying the partial ownership that the Wilpons are peddling.

  3. I gave the same prediction as last yr a 500 team

    I don’t expect a lot but hopefully whoever is playing will play good baseball

  4. Definitely not the way Pelfrey wanted to start the year — a 10-pitch walk. Give Coghlan credit.

  5. That’s what happens when you fall behind 2-0. Pelfrey still needs to develop that killer instinct. Two outs, man on first, go after the hitter with fastballs.

  6. Guys …. not able to log onto the chat room tonight. It worked this afternoon when I tested it. I’ll be here and trying to get over there if you’d like to talk.-JD

  7. o much for a Pelfrey gut check. Buck kept stringing that at bat along and those will come back to bite you. It’s still a long season and a long game.

  8. Nice start for Pelfrey. Coughs up a slam in his first jam of the season. Should have put a grand slam number in the over/under. Twelve last year. …. Oh, and Josh Johnson hasn’t given up a hit through five innings.-JD

  9. I am looking at e post game
    The comments are similar to last year. Pelt does not trust his stuff and doesn’t mix his pitches. I saw the slam. Pitches were grouped. Heat down the middle and stuff low and away. He had to either walk someone in or challenge. The hitter made contact.

    Pelt needs to learn