Reviewing the Mets’ issues going into the season.

I hope you’re all doing well, anxious for another season of watching the Mets. While the Yankees faced Detroit this afternoon at the Stadium, the Mets worked out in preparation to play the Marlins tomorrow night.

When the Mets opened spring training six weeks ago, I proposed a list of ten issues surrounding the team that would dictate the course of the season. Spring training only partially answered those questions.

Here’s the top issues surrounding the Mets and the progress made:


A: This is still an on-going issue that won’t be going away any time soon. The Wilpons remain adamant they were played and have no intention of selling the franchise outright. The family is looking for a limited owner, but heavyweights such as Mark Cuban and Donald Trump say they don’t want to pay up to $500 million for what is tantamount to a season ticket with free parking. The Wilpons still want full control and aren’t willing to offer up part of SNY in a deal. The Mets’ inactivity during the winter was emblematic of their financial stress, and although GM Sandy Alderson said the team would have the resources at the trade deadline, nobody is expecting much, especially if they’ll be listening to offers for Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes.


A: So far, so good. There was no problem in selling right field to Beltran, although that had a lot to do with the outfielder making the choice himself because of his fragile knees. Reports are positive about the Mets’ attitude and concentration on fundamentals. There weren’t any problems with how the releases of Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez.were handled. The first impression has been a good one, but we’ll see how responsive the Mets are when the grind starts.


A: Beltran will be in the starting lineup tomorrow, but we didn’t know that until the beginning of the week. Beltran’s health remains a concern and despite the move to right field, nobody knows how his knees will hold up and the production the Mets might receive. The only certainty with Beltran is he won’t be back next season and the Mets would love to work a deal to save some of his $18.5 million contract. An interesting dilemma would be what would the Mets do at the trade deadline with Beltran if they are contending and he’s hitting?


A: Alderson said the Mets will have the resources to sign Reyes to an extension, but would they be willing to take that chance if he’s not playing well? Reyes didn’t have a bad finish to the end of last season, but realistically he’s been a health question the past two years. Should Reyes get off to a great start his price tag will undoubtedly spike as will the attention he’ll draw from teams wanting to make a deal. This will put the Mets in the stressful situation of risking him leave as a free agent.


A: With Johan Santana out, Pelfrey enters the season as the ace. Pelfrey didn’t have a good spring training stats wise, but then again he didn’t last year, either and had the best season of his career. Friday’s Opening Day starter said his goal this summer is to be more consistent. A miserable July might have prevented Pelfrey from winning 20 games last year, but he said he learned from that stretch, and one of those things was not to abandon his fastball. There were still times last year when Pelfrey lost his focus and ran up his pitch count which cost him the chance to work longer and even finish games.


A.: If he does, it won’t be right away as he’ll open the season on the disabled list with a strained left rib cage muscle. It’s not an easy injury to overcome as it saps your power because it slows the hitter’s bat speed. Prior to the rib cage, Bay was complaining about a sore back, and even before then he wasn’t having a good spring power wise. For the $66 million package they are spending on him, the Mets expect 25 to 30 homers a year, not the six he hit last year. With Beltran not a given and Bay out, there’s the concern David Wright will feel the pressure to carry the team as he has the past two seasons.


A: Evidently, the Mets believe Dickey is the real deal, otherwise they wouldn’t have given him a two-year deal. Dickey’s knuckler makes him second in the rotation, but there’s still the matter of him proving he can do it again. Dickey came out of nowhere to keep the Mets competitive in the first half, but there’s no element of surprise this year.


A: Jon Niese, at No. 3, got off to a 6-2 start, but finished 9-10. Obviously, there’s more learning that needs to be done. Chris Young and Chris Capuano will attempt to rebound from injuries as the No. 4 and No. 5 starters, respectively. Bottom line on the last two: Despite good springs there is no guarantee the Mets will get 25 starts from each.


A: Francisco Rodriguez and Bobby Parnell are the only names you’ll remember from last year, which is just as well considering what the Mets got out of their pen. The overriding issue with the bullpen is whether they’ll allow Rodriguez to complete 55 games that would enable his $17.5 million option to kick in. Parnell gets the set-up role. The rest of the pen includes D.J. Carrasco, Taylor Buchholz, Pedro Beato, Tim Byrdak and Blaine Boyer. Jason Isringhausen will stay in Florida for an extended spring training, and the Mets will need him to mentor this inexperienced pen.


A: The Mets finally did the right thing and cut ties with Luis Castillo. Then he had the nerve to say he didn’t get a real chance. Huh? Daniel Murphy stuck, but as a left-handed bat off the bench. In the end, Rule 5 draft choice Brad Emaus will start. But, winning the job and holding on to it are two different things.


17 thoughts on “Reviewing the Mets’ issues going into the season.

  1. We also have the catching situation as to whether Josh Thole will work out. He’s done a decent job so far but now he will be the man behind the plate. As Casey said when the Mets selected Hobie Landrith first in the expansion draft “You need a catcher or else you have a lot of passed balls”.

    Kind of an interesting day so far with Ramon Hernandez winning the Reds game with a bottom of the ninth home run and Maybin just tying up Padres-Cards game. Must be plenty of Armando Benitez clones around.

  2. I wonder about pelf. can he put together a whole season? I think Niese and Dickey will do ok. I dont know the other two. We do have players in the minors who are a year closer to helping us.

    I dont think Beltran will hold up. I worry about 2b.

    I think the whole OF is a question mark. I do not know who is in the pen.I am oddly sanguine about catcher.

    That said I am more excited this year than last.

  3. If the mets get off to a good start they will have to decide on trading reyes. He is an exciting player when healthy and if he plays up to his potential, it will be a tough sell to the faithfull to part with him. Mets fans love thier homegrown players and jose is very popular.

  4. It will also be interesting to see what happens with krod. If they are in contention at the break how do they limit his innings to get out of that vesting option.

  5. What I like so far, is the diversity of the team. and the rotation of the players.
    You can actually see the communication between Terry and the players and amongst the team. something we didnt see. it was always manual mumbling to shines and then a look at the player. and when manuel decided to take out a winning pitcher. a look and a pat and the pitcher spitting in his eye.

  6. Dan (1): You’re right on Thole. I have a good feeling about him, but there’s nothing etched in stone about him being the next Buster Posey, let alone Mike Piazza.-JD

  7. Ray (3 and 4): Dealing Reyes for prospects would be a clear sign the team is in rebuilding mode. If Reyes is shipped out you would have to wonder how long this rebuilding plan will take, especially with the brakes on the spending. … As far as Rodriguez is concerned, there’s no way I see him finishing the 55 games needed for the option to kick in.-JD

  8. dave (2): I wonder about Pelfrey, too. There are still inconsistencies with Pelfrey he must resolve in order to reach the next level.-JD

  9. Ray(3)

    That is the question. Throughout his whole career there have been injuries. When Wright he is one of the better players in the game, often there is an issue; mysteriously botching plays, injuries, emulating Babe Ruth for the home run title, etc.

    If you play the odds, if he has a good season you trade him, but the fans will get on you for that.

  10. For his career, Pelfrey has a 5.32 ERA and .307 opponents batting average in road


  11. Dave, Its time for pelf to step it up. He showed over a prolonged period last year that he has ace stuff. Now he is saying he pitched all of last year with a rotator cuff injury. I think Mike is the key for this year. If he can be an ace like johnson of the marlins this team can be dangerous. You need an ace to be a serious contender. Right now I dont expect anything from Santana. If he comes back then its gravy.

  12. Has anybody heard anyting about John Maine? I thought he could be a front line starter at one time.

  13. Ray

    Yeah. He has stuff. I have seen him make hitters look silly. But every year he goes in a prolonged slump. He needs to put it together and be better than a #3.

    About Maine, I haven’t heard anything. At one time he was good. Then he got hurt and then he was not good.