Bay to DL; Izzy stays.

Jason Bay returned to New York today to have his strained left rib cage examined and all indications are he’ll be placed on the disabled list. When manager Terry Collins said he’d rather lose Bay for a week rather than a month, how else can you read the tea leaves?

This is not an easy injury from which to recover, and even when he does return there’s no guarantee he’ll hit the ground running. And, he wasn’t exactly stroking the ball with power this spring. So, with Opening Day two days away the Mets have two significant power issues: Not having Bay at the start and concerns about Beltran’s health.

Meanwhile, Jason Isringhausen accepted the Mets’ decision to stay in Florida for an extended spring training. Odds are Isringhausen will be on the 25-man roster soon enough. Isringhausen had a good spring and his experience could be beneficial to a young bullpen.

Oh, a note that should make you crack a smile: The Phillies, who have a hole at second base with Chase Utley injured, waived Luis Castillo today.



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  1. I hope that seals the deal for those who think Luis is still viable. The Phillies determined that a player who can be had for 400k is not worth it for the defense and the bats he brings to the table.

  2. Dave, Yes I know you are enjoying the moment. nobody on this board has hated on looie as you do. The phils unlike the mets have a good alternative.

  3. Most of the news today is positive. Mets get to keep evans. Izzy giving it 2 more weeks. Beltrans knees are holding up. Reyes is healthy. As Gil says, if everything breaks right, the mets have a chance. phillies pitchers are old and i could see at least one of them breaking down during the season.

  4. Ray, Dave and JD: Here are 10 reasons to be optimistic about our Mets this year:

    1. Change of attitude from the top — Players seem to like both Sandy Alderson as GM and Terry Collins as manager. Players have said they like Collins’s fire, opposed to Jerry Manuel’s laid-back demeanor.

    2. Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo are history. That’s addition by subtraction. Brad Emaus can only be an improvement over Castillo at second and Chris Capuano can only be an improvement over Perez in the rotation.

    3. The bench. Alderson has made many low-risk, low-cost, high-reward acquistions in the off-season. He started by adding Met-killers Willie Harris and Scott Hairston, got Ronny Paulino as a guy who can mentor Josh Thole and infield defensive insurance in Chin-Lung Hu. Daniel Murphy is now in a role he’s best suited for: a pinch-hit, utility one.

    4. The bullpen. It’s highly doubtful that the combo of Pedro Beato, Tim Byrdak, DJ Carrasco, Met-killer Blaine Boyer, Bobby Parnell and Taylor Buchholz can be worse than last year’s crew. If Izzy comes up soon, he can be a good mentor to the young guys.

    5. The outfield. Carlos Beltran looks good in right field, while Angel Pagan is solid in center. With Jason Bay starting the year on the DL, based on the little he contributed last year, are we really missing that much by having Lucas Duda starting in left to open the year? Plus, F-Mart has torn it up this spring and may finally be ML-ready.

    6. The left side of the infield. Jose Reyes is finally injury-free and he and David Wright are perennial All-Stars.

    7. Ike Davis. So he’s neither Keith with the glove, nor Delgado with the stick. He’s solid, young and hungry and was good enough for that, fourth in the NL Rookie of the Year voting?

    8. K-Rod. So far, he seems to have put his off-field problems behind him — enough to have pitched a scoreless spring. And apparently he’s got a changeup now.

    9. Josh Thole. The guy’s a gamer and the pitchers have all said he has stepped up his defensive game. Gotta love it when a kid says he expects his team to win. Love what he told Kevin Burkhardt today: “Let us be underdogs. We don’t need the limelight.”

    10. The team is now more suited to its home field. With 81 games at Citi, we can’t outslug opponents. We’ve gotta out-run, out-hustle and out-pitch them. We’ve got a bunch of speedsters (Reyes, Wright, Pagan, Beltran) who all are extra-base hitters and contact men in Thole and Emaus, whose reputed to have a great eye at the plate.

    So just imagine if the rotation holds its own and somehow we get Johan Santana back in the second half?

    We just may have a shot at the wild card…

  5. Didn’t Castillo take his time coming to Philadelphia’s camp, which Charlie Manuel commented on publicly?

  6. I like your list too, Gil. Hey, if you cant be optimistic in spring training then its pretty sad. Speaking of tug, I recently put my 1973 world series tape in. (that is my favorite met team.) Anyway in game 2 tug comes in the 6th inning and pitches till the 13th. then he comes in game 3 to nail it down for Seaver. those were the days.

  7. 7. Yeah, that didnt help his chances. I bet somebody will still take a flyer on him for the minimum salary.

  8. 7.) He was 48 hours over due with no excuse or call to say listen i am going to be late.
    Keith mentioned this in yesterdays game. Luis has not enamored himself these last few years. M&M put up with the nonsense cause he was “in”.

    8.) tell me about it. and in those days a pitcher didnt complain about pitching nor did his arm fall off.

  9. Ray(2)

    I don’t hate Luis. I just think that as with too many players he got special treatment that he did not deserve. When he sucked he should have been benched or platooned. They kept slotting him in #2 because that is all he could do.

    He can only – or would only – bunt or slap at the ball. There was one year where it seemed his bat was stuck to his shoulder. He would not swing. When we had a man at second or third he could not lift the ball to advance the runner.

    Basic things.

    I do not begrudge his contract. The GM gave it to him like he gave Ollie his. I do have an issue with the team hurting itself over a player that was never more than a run of the mill player.

    I find it fitting that a good team that needs a player at that position will not keep him for the minimum.

    That says a lot to me.

    That said, I am sure he will latch onto some team.

  10. Gil

    Nice list.

    1. Players responded to Sybil at first too. I hope what is past is not prologue.

    3. Alderson has had many compliments for doing what he did in the offseason. Hopefully most of it will work.

    5. Our starting OF is injury prone. I hope that does not come back to bite us. We have some depth in the minors, but they are just pieces. Placeholders. Nothing that will make a real difference.

    7. I like Ike.

    A lot.

    8. KRod seems to have had a good spring. I hope he can keep it up. I doubt it, I think he will revert back to the norm. But I hope he does.

    9. I have read quotes from pitchers who have remarked that they like him as a catcher which is surprising.

    10. Healthy pitching, speed and defense. I hope you are right.

    I am hopeful for this team. Much has to do with the new administration. They seem to be doing the right things for the right reasons.

    Play ball!

  11. To Dave, my favorite sparring partner these days.( Where are you chiti and tiffany?) You have been a castillo hater since day one. Even in his worst years as a met he put up a better obp than the beloved reyes. He made the all star team 3 years straight so to say he was never anything special shows your ignorance. Once again Philly has a guy to play second who did a very good job for them as a utility player last year. we have who?

  12. Ray(16)

    Cool. Evans at times has done well for us. I realize he is not a complete player, but he might be useful.