Bay ailing … so what else is new?

Carlos Beltran is scheduled to play this afternoon, which could be a dicey gamble because if something happens they won’t be able to back date him the last ten days in spring training. What good is one game, say five innings in a Grapefruit League game going to do?

BAY: Not smiling now.

Not much. A tweak and he could be on the disabled list for at least two weeks into the season.

Right, I know what you’re thinking …. where he could join Jason Bay.

Bay was scratched from today’s game with pain in his rib cage. These things take time, so Bay going on the DL (it would be retroactive to March 24), isn’t out of the question. Considering these are the Mets it’s probably a certainty.

Nice timing on optioning Nick Evans, wouldn’t you say? It Bay goes on the DL Lucas Duda would open the season on the 25-man roster. So, on days when Beltran is off, we’ll have an outfield of Duda, Willie Harris and Scott Hairston. Kind of inspiring, wouldn’t you say?

Meanwhile, the Mets are trying to convince Jason Isringhausen to stay in Port St. Lucie for an extended spring training, which would allow them to keep Blaine Boyer. Isringhausen is 38 and has pitched well this spring. He might decide he doesn’t want to stay in Florida, and if so, somebody will claim him

In addition, Boyer has an out clause in his contract any might opt to hook on elsewhere. If they can pull this off and be able to keep both Isringhausen and Boyer it would be sweet, because you know they are going to need them eventually.

12 thoughts on “Bay ailing … so what else is new?

  1. I dont know if we should jump on the mets for releasing evans just yet. They obviously didnt know bay was injured at the time. I do question the picking boyer over Izzy decision though. He had a great spring and pitched well in his last game. His veteran leadership and ability to close would have made him a valuable asset. Being a homegrown met coming home was a nice story too. Anybody remember the trade that sent him away? one of SPs dumber ones.

  2. I think they were a bit quick with evans. oh well. they need to penny pinch.. thank you bernie.
    I am not questioning any decision really only because we have to give this management a fair chance. they inherited a god awful mess.
    Let’s see how well they punt.

  3. Ray: Didn’t the Mets deal away Izzy, along with OF Terence Long to Oakland in ’99, for reliever Billy Taylor?

  4. It was Isringhausen and pitcher Greg McMichael who were traded for Billy Taylor on July 31, 1999. Long had been traded away 8 days earlier for The Gambler, Kenny Rogers, who actually went 5-1 in the Mets drive for the wild card (and pitched poorly in the playoffs).

  5. Billy Taylor was a total waste. It came out later that he injured his knee just before the trade and the mets being the mets didnt bother to give him an exam. Rogers Looked like a great pickup until you know when.

  6. Ray (1): Izzy will hang around for another two weeks. Chances are they’ll be able to use him. His experience will be valuable to a young bullpen.-JD

  7. SteveC (2): If Evans clears waivers they can keep him. There’s still that chance. You’re right, this management team inherited a mess and deserves time. There’s still some things that need to be resolved. Who knows? Perhaps a sale.-JD

  8. Call me crazy — insane, if you want — but I honestly believe the Mets could surprise some people this year. A WHOLE lot would have to go right for the Mets to contend for a Wild Card berth, but hey, it could happen.