Giving up on Beltran being ready

The more I think about it, the less I see the purpose of Carlos Beltran being ready by Opening Day.

BELTRAN: Why push it?

Today and tomorrow he’ll be in simulation games. Maybe another DH stint in a minor league game this weekend. That would leave less than a week’s worth of minor league games to get ready, and who knows how many would be in right field?

The Mets need Beltran healthy for the purpose of dealing him at the trade deadline because he won’t be re-signed, and realistically, will they really be a contender this year?

The plan they devised for Beltran yesterday makes sense to the degree that he won’t lose extra games on the DL because they would back date it only the last 10 days of spring training, but in actuality he won’t be ready regardless. Plus, with the wet turf and cold weather in early April, the odds are really good of him being re-injured.

The Mets are in position of trying to salvage what they can out of Beltran. He’s barely been healthy the past two years and won’t get much better in the next week.

7 thoughts on “Giving up on Beltran being ready

  1. tick tick tick tick.
    sometimes rebuilding means demolition. unless the old building is really solid.
    The building known as the mets hasn’t been solid for almost 5 years.

  2. All the news about him this spring leads me to believe he is done.

    I need to reset my expectations to not have him in the lineup ever.

    Move on.

    He was mostly a good player for us. Played a really good CF, hit for high average and some power. He is NOT the go to guy. Delgado was. He could not handle pressure, but he was an excellent satellite piece. Overpriced but a very good player.

  3. Angel Pagan

    Let’s hope that Coin Flip sticks with the Gnats. It will help us in our battle for fourth place.

    According to Forbes, the value of the Mets dropped 13% last year. The only other team to have its value drop was Cleveland. And they have an article about the problem of debts building in teams with owners shifting funds that Selig has managed to ignore.

  4. Dan(4)

    Pagan? Do you think he can take the pressure? He has also been historically injury prone.