Alderson conference call

I just finished up a conference call with GM Sandy Alderson. Among the highlights:

* If the Mets were in contention at the trade deadline he would have the financial flexibility to add a player or pitcher.

* Alderson would like to see an improvement in Jose Reyes’ on-base percentage. He said Reyes’ performance, along with where the team is will be the key factors in a contract extension. If Reyes is performing well and the team is not, the Mets could still sign him to an extension. Alderson said the Mets would have the financial resources to extend Reyes.

* He said he is not concerned with Jason Bay’s lack of power during spring training and believes he will adjust to Citi Field this summer.

* Said Nick Evans is still in the mix to make the team, especially if Carlos Beltran starts the season on the disabled list.

* Is not surprised the second base decision is lasting this long.



12 thoughts on “Alderson conference call

  1. I watched yesterdays game. Al the players had their issues. bay looked better at the plate. the field was a little rusty.
    they started to polish up. and the break out 4th inning .. everyone stood up and was counted. Everyone just Rocked Garcia.
    If that happens during the regular season against our nemeses, this will be a season of the great turnaround.
    During the interview with Hairston and Mookie,they mentioned how the focus of the team has changed. They are being pushed and directed to playing hard. Something we really didnt hear the last few years. M&M would say these are professionals and will turn it on. here they are being told you will always have it on. I am starting to have a glimmer of hope for this new team.

    Just a note: oh man to have Mookie back and wearing NUMBER 1!!!!!

  2. I don’t want to call Sandy Alderson a liar but as an Islanders fan I’ve heard Garth Snow say the same “we have no financial restrictions” line the last two years. The team remains at the bottom of the NHL payroll. I’ll give Alderson and his assistants plenty of time and they did say farewell to Castillo and Perez. Just get the guys to play hard and smart is all we can ask.

  3. 2. agreed. and from the sounds of talk during spring training yesterday. that is just what has been done. No more Razer Shineless at 1st!
    welcome back MOOKIE!

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  5. steve

    just pointing out that the Mets are broken. That a smaller but winning team is more profitable than the larger team with more resources but bad execution.

    The Wilpons are done. Just a matter of time.

  6. Just a point about mookie. He broke in 1980 along with hubie brooks. They were the hope after the miserable 1979 season. this was the beginning of the Mets rebirth. Mookie of course had the ultimate at bat in 1986. Hubie was traded for Gary Carter the year before. Always glad to see mookie in a mets uni.

  7. So Izzy or Boyer?

    I like that they say Izzy can still pitch. At one time he was an elite closer.

    I don’t like the surgery on his arm.

  8. 9. we have had little luck with post surgery anyone..
    I just dont know.. yes i do. i want a fricken healthy team.

  9. Evans, Hernandez, Misch on waivers.

    I would think they could have worked out a trade for at least one of them.