Plan for Beltran; Emaus inside track at second.

Although not definitive, the Mets’ roster is taking shape as spring training approaches.

The Mets remain insistent Carlos Beltran will be ready for Opening Day and are pushing him, although they aren’t likely to play him in a major league game in case things unravel and he’ll be forced to open on the disabled list.

EMAUS: Second base frontrunner.

Beltran was hitless in five at-bats today as a DH in a minor league game. He will play as a DH tomorrow and Friday, but possibly this weekend he could play in the field and run the bases.


“I do think it is fair to say at this point there’s not a lot of wiggle room in that schedule between now and Opening Day if he’s going to be on the active roster,’’ GM Sandy Alderson said. “As of this point he’s still on track for Opening Day.’’

DL assignments are backdated 10 days into spring training, so if things stand as they are and Beltran were to only play in minor league games he would only miss the first three games of the season (the Mets have two off days among the first five games).

Assuming this plan works out, Willie Harris and Scott Hairston, the outfield depth, will right field. Should Beltran land on the DL, Lucas Duda will be the 25th man on the roster.

Today, Alderson told reporters to take a look at today’s lineup card and use their imagination. Standing out was Brad Emaus at second base and Daniel Murphy at third.

Emaus, a Rule 5 pick-up from Toronto, has a greater upside than Luis Hernandez, who is out of options and is being shopped because he probably won’t clear waivers. The Mets have a good idea of what to expect from Hernandez, but Emaus has potential working for him.

“I like my chances, but we’re not all the way there,’’ Emaus told reporters this afternoon about his chances.

Murphy started at third today and has been getting time and first and second. He’s the projected left-handed bat off the bench.

Justin Turner, as expected because of his options, was sent down.

Meanwhile, Oliver Perez signed a minor league deal today with the Nationals.

9 thoughts on “Plan for Beltran; Emaus inside track at second.

  1. steve (from previous) sure cmon out to Arizona and I will treat you to a local four peaks micro.

  2. JD, If Beltran doesnt make it why not keep Evans on the 25? Duda has options Evans doesnt.

  3. 2.) Arizona, only passed through it. But I do recall getting 4 peaks way back when i had micros delivered. Will let you know if/when am in the area 😉

    1&3) AAA teams can play hard. My hope is that we play better than 500 ball. anything more is gravy.

  4. I wonder if Beltran will play 50 games for us this year.

    I don’t know about Evans. I like him. Not sure if he is an everyday player. The player of the month is Duda who looks like he can hit.

  5. 5.) we shall see. its a new era.

    6.) no kidding.. wilpons will be out this year. it’s inevitable

  6. Heres my take. Omar and willie hired to please seligs affirmative action prog. Mets dont go over slot to please selig. Selig owes now and is trying to prop up fred, but its too late. Now we have years of rebuilding to look forward to. Mets will unload any contract they can. anybody remember mettle the mule?

  7. ray(8)

    if true that is a sad way to run a biz.

    now because the owners are stupid they will lose the team. buddy selig cant save them.