No kudos for Alderson on Perez, Castillo.

Let’s be careful not to go overboard in praising the Sandy Alderson regime for the sacking of Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez. Credit to Alderson goes in finally convincing the Wilpons eating $18 million in salary was the prudent option.

The actual decision itself was a no-brainer in that neither would be a viable contributor to the team, both were an emotional and psychological drains in the clubhouse, and to adequately change the culture of the Mets they must be purged.

There was no real thinking that had to be done and the key was in the timing. Alderson knew he couldn’t trade either in the off-season because of their salary, performance and injury histories. His only hope for Castillo was he could find his game and prove enough in spring training to warrant going north; for Perez was he could regain his fastball and hook on in a relief role.

Both were long shots, but Alderson had no choice to bring them to spring training and let it play itself out.

Since neither distinguished himself in the positive, it was time to make the move. With Opening Day rapidly approaching and the Mets playing at a .500 pace and little room for optimism, Alderson needed to make a spark and this was it.

This was a move the Mets needed to make so let’s not throw roses at Alderson for doing the obvious.

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  1. Playing devil’s advocate why did they have to be brought in? If they were not going to make the team they could have released them before the players reported.

    I think it plays well to bring them in. It shows ownership they gave them one last shot but it didn’t work out. It gives the two players involved a fair shot to show that they can force the team to reconsider. It also shows the rest of their teammates how the new regime will treat its employees.

    I think it was the right move because you can argue that the manager and the front office laid down the rules that team would follow to make them a part of this season. From giving Ollie a shot at the starting rotation to an audition for the bullpen. For Luis he was given his share of games to show what he can do in the field and at the plate.

    The GM made public pronouncements as to the thinking of the team for why they are no longer with the team. The reasoning was sound whether you agree with the reason or not.

    This in contrast to the previous manager and the front office of Omar where although the words may have sounded reasonable you always doubted the motive.

  2. This is also a new day for the team as in the past few years when it was obvious to everyone that a player outlived his usefulness to the team the Mets would keep that player around until it was too painful to do so.

    We have had old players who were reportedly good in the clubhouse but could no longer hit or field. We had Ollie last year who the organization obviously did not want anymore who was on the roster but was never allowed on the field.

    It is a new day and a hopeful sign that there is finally some sanity with this team after so many years where the team did some very strange things that no reasonable person could understand.

  3. Once again I must disagree with Dave about Castillo. First of all, I think its unfair to link him and perez. At least he gave us one very good year and he still has some use. We shall see how he does for Phillie now. I bet he has a very good year for them and he will sure try to make the mets sorry for giving him the boot.
    Delcos, you admitted that castillo was having a better spring than the other candidates. It looks like The other luis who i never heard of before is being handed the job. We will see.

  4. Gil, in the last post you mentioned about Omar turning down an Ollie for zambrano deal straight up. Omar the great talent evaluator. Why is he still in the organization. Also, I remember you are a lost fan. I thought that ending sucked. How about you?

  5. Ray,

    Do you think the Mets treated Luis unfairly?

    I have read many items stating that overall Luis was having a better Spring than the others vying for the job. I have also read that the manager was less than happy about his general enthusiasm for the game. In one case the manager called him into the office for a talk. At the same time Terry has praised Luis’s fielding skills.

    Why do you think it is unfair to link Luis and Ollie? Because Luis had one good year in a bad 4 year contract while Ollie has not had one good year in his 3 year contract? Both players were given overly generous terms by their employer. I do not begrudge them that. I would take the money too. But can you give me an honest assessment of Luis and his positive contributions to the team?

    He is an aging player whose defensive skills degrade over time. He seems only to be effective in the lineup batting second in the order and has a penchant for bunts regardless of the situation. He lacks the ability to drive in a runner in scoring position because he cannot hit a fly ball.

    I am not arguing that he is completely useless. He has diminishing skills. I posted on another thread that I expect him to have good games against us where ever he ends up. At the same time during the 3 years he has been with this team under the current contract he has either been injured or seemingly not ready to play for 2 of them. One good year does not make me pine for this player. Just as one good year from Ollie does not make me want to keep him around.

  6. dave (1): There was no reason to get rid of them before spring training because of the off chance they caught lightning in a bottle. It was a long shot, but Alderson really had no other choice.-JD

  7. Ray (3): Sure enough. Luis Hernandez just might stick. … Castillo didn’t make a good first impression with the Phillies because he reported later than expected.-JD

  8. Dave,

    Im not saying Looie is that great anymore. But the guy who is probably going to replace him has a career .584 OPS. No power no speed Hes going to be 27 soon so its not like he has a ton of upside. Mangagement wanted Looie gone. Didnt want the distraction anymore and anybody whos been paying attention knows it.

  9. Agreed, but the fact that the new regime is finally doing the “smart thing” after a long blundering run of “penny-wise and pound-foolish” decision-making is refreshing and deserves credit. Here’s to better days.

  10. Hey, Ray! Nice to be able to talk some Mets and TV shows with you. I actually feel like throwing some roses at Sandy Alderson’s feet because he has made the first sensible decisions in a long time, about the Mets. In whatever ways Omar failed to convince the Wilpons to eat Castillo’s and Perez’s salaries, Sandy succeeded.
    I dug Sandy’s moves to sign Chris Young and Chris Capuano for the rotation — good low-risk, high-reward moves, as were his signings of Scott Hairston and Willie Harris. This year’s bullpen may be better than last year. I’m not completely sold on the Mets being competitive this season, but if everything were to break right (a very tall order), we could actually surprise some people and at best sneak a wild card spot.
    As for “Lost,” I actually loved the ending — but I can understand why some people didn’t like it. I had the reverse opinion about “Battlestar Galactica” — I hated that ending, but a lot of people liked it. Last summer, I actually met the actress who played “Rose” on “Lost” in a Santa Monica supermarket. She’s a sweetheart. About a month ago, I saw the actor who played “Sayid” on the street. And in Venice, back in January, I ran into Giants’ closer Brian Wilson, who was very cool when I congratulated him on his season!

  11. Ray

    I agree the options are not good. They other Luis is terrible at the plate. I am not saying Castillo is useless, but the injuries, the lack of effort and the aura around him makes me glad he is gone.

    I read where the Phils are not pleased he did not report yesterday to the team and so was scratched from the lineup. He made his money and can be a useful player if motivated, but that seems to be one of his issues. Motivation.

  12. Lets put everything in perspective. Luis had more value than Ollie. The issue with Luis is that , as dave stated, he was older and had more injuries. He is great at tiring out the pitcher, but he had no REAL bat. we had our share of talent that had no bat (Ray Ordonez)
    In the end, these men are making millions of dollars , far more than anyone of us for what they do on a semi daily basis. Ticket prices are up, food prices at the ballpark are outrages. on the off chance you go to the game, do you really want to see a guy standing at the plate doing nothing, standing on the mound and hitting the backstop, standing at base watching a ball dribble past him.
    Yes, every player needs to be given a chance and everyone is allowed to half an off day or 12. But at the salary they are making they need to be viable/fixable and a team player.
    Luis, with his attitude about DH etc. proved that. Keith mentioned as much that it was a seriously bad move.
    Ollie is unfixable, unles whipped/chained and recast. The stankees just maybe the team to do it. God knows Koufax and a few other pitching legends couldnt.
    So with this. I will toss a single ross at Alderson because we needed this wakeup call. maybe now everyone will play and good performance WILL IN FACT be rewarded unlike the Manuel lie.
    Look Delgado bad performance given every change. Church, over achieves day after day and gets seriously injured then is mistreated then sent packing. Some reward system huh.
    New regime, new era. Remember these men are pretty much millionaires running bases, they need to earn their money.

    Lets Go Mets!

  13. Gil, Nice to talk to you again. I bet you wish your old buddy chiti was back. I have his email. do you want me to invite him? :D.
    The mets are going to need a lot of things to go right in 2011. But you are right. its spring training with a new regime, so i will try to be optimistic. I thought the lost ending was ridiculous. It made you feel good, but are those people gods to create a new world for themselves to live in when they died? Pretty stupid to me.

  14. Dave, It looks now as if emaus is the choice to take over second. They say he can hit a little but a little shaky in the field. Castillo reporting late to philly is another mark against him. I will give up on defending this guy. Time to let a kid with some upside have a chance.

  15. Dave,

    Thanks for the link. Pretty good article. Yes The Wilpons are the root of the problem. I think they will be gone soon. How long will people pay those prices to watch a bad time in this economy? trying to find an investor and borrowing money from mlb to stay afloat proves that Fred and Jeff are desperate. I have seen where they
    are trying to get the team payroll to the 70m range. I guess that means Reyes is gone.

  16. hey Ray, the names Steve not dave. 😉
    pay for the first round and we can call it square 😉

  17. 20. well i think he voiced a view I have had about the previous years. The players not playing yet the fans charged for it.
    But if you ask me, he’s probably a yankee fan.