Waiting out the Mets

ESPN is reporting the Phillies are close to signing Luis Castillo to fill in for the injured Chase Utley. If not the Phillies, it would be somebody else. The same goes for Oliver Perez when the Mets finally release him, presumably on Monday.

There was no chance the Mets had of trading either because teams knew they were dealing from a position of strength with Sandy Alderson. There is no reason for any team to offer a player to the Mets when they know they could wait them out and just sign them when they were cut loose. More importantly, by waiting out the Mets the new team wouldn’t assume those contracts, but only be responsible for the major league minimum of $414,500.

Sandy Alderson admitted Castillo was released in large part because of his perception by Mets’ fans. The same reasoning will also apply when it comes to Perez. Alderson and manager Terry Collins will meet Monday to discuss Perez’s fate. After giving up back-to-back homers Saturday, the inevitable is probably hours away.


2 thoughts on “Waiting out the Mets

  1. If the Phillies do sign him he will certainly be charged every time he gets to play us. He will get some key hits and steal some bases.

    It won’t be happy, but it was time to turn the page on this player.

  2. The old regime under M&M a player would be terrible for us, but break out for another team.
    Let’s see if this new management breaks the curse.
    I dont think there’s fixing perez but who knows. I am still not a fan of warthen.