Could Perez be axed today?

The plug could be pulled on the Oliver Perez soap opera today should he be hammered by the Atlanta Braves. Even a mediocre outing might be enough to end the drama. Things are still undecided at second base so I expect Luis Castillo to stick around for at least the weekend.

Dillon Gee and bullpen candidates Ryota Igarashi and Taylor Tankersley were among this morning’s roster cuts. The demotions also included Boof Bonser, Dusty Ryan, Raul Chavez, Russ Adams and Jason Pridle were also assigned to the minor league camp.

No real surprises.

Gee was going to the minor league camp, and I’m giving the edge to Chris Capuano over Pat Misch in the competition for the fifth start.


9 thoughts on “Could Perez be axed today?

  1. Reports are that Castillo was let go.

    I am shocked. Considering the financial issues with the team and the lack of anyone to prove they can handle the position they did this.

    I am also impressed as this makes a statement.

    It is reported that Luis complained he did not get a fair shot. I disagree. It seems he got his chances in the lineup with all the other candidates. When I did look at the lineup he was slotted in the 2 hole more often than not.

    He got his shot and impressed the staff that he was a slicker defender than most. He hit about 280 which is in line with his career here. He also muffed some plays which again is in line with his history.

    I applaud the decision to cut ties with a player who represents the past and was not a clear benefit to the team. It also offers the fans a chance not to boo their team when they take the field.

    I expect Luis to latch on to some team that will be happy to have him. I also expect him to play well against us.

  2. It seems that Ollie has more time. I expect him not to be on the team, esp since Luis was fired. There are other Lefties out there that we like, but perhaps they are setting up for a trade as lefties are valuable.

  3. Kevin B. and Keith just discussed Castillo. they feel the negativity that was associated to him was a big factor in his release.
    they mentioned he moped around when put in DH and not the field. woops. listen when you are making that much money and your job is on the line. do what you have to to keep getting paid.
    he just made 6 million being let go. take the year off 😉
    at least they did it early he can get a job..

  4. steve,


    yeah i agree. time to get started.

    i have also read that tc didnt like his attitude and hustle.

  5. mets are playing well. Ollie looked like Ollie but got the job done,kinda.
    Mets winning 3-0 over braves.

  6. Of note: David Wright hit his first HR of spring training. to drive in 2 runs.