Mets’ second base job still in the air

With two weeks remaining before Opening Day, Luis Hernandez is gaining ground on the second base job.

However, it is premature to say he’s the guy. Rarely are up-in-the-air roster decisions made with this much time remaining in camp. There’s still Brad Emaus and Daniel Murphy, Luis Castillo and Justin Turner.

Turner, because of remaining options will be sent down. That’s logical. Castillo has turned off Terry Collins, but the manager might not have the final decision, especially with a $6 million commitment. Castillo has been playing well offensively, so there’s the outside chance they’ll hold onto him and hope to make an in-season deal. The Mets don’t want to swallow $6 million.

Murphy is having trouble turning the double-play and Emaus is having a slow spring. Still, as a Rule 5 player the Mets do see some potential. What they must decide on is if he fits beyond this season should he stick.

I still think the Murphy-Emaus platoon has a chance, but I’m beginning to wane a little on that stance. What I do know, is Hernandez, despite a solid spring, isn’t running away from things and there’s still time.

Outside of it not being Ruben Tejada, nothing is concrete at second base.


2 thoughts on “Mets’ second base job still in the air

  1. It seems as if the manager does not want Luis. Probably because of attitude and less than solid D. Also the bat thing. I notice he has been penciled in at #1/#2 in the lineup.

    You really want Jose/Pagan 1/2.

    But all reports are that the players all have their warts. $6 million is a lot to throw away, so it is an ego thing and a money thing. Both of which the manager is not part of.

    Luis was part of the problem and I am sure Collins would rather not have bad attitudes around his team.

    But as you say, he may not have a choice.

  2. I have been remiss and havent caught anymore spring training games. Life has gotten busy.
    But from what i am reading. It’s early and we have to hope that the culture will grow.
    The fact that they are focusing on the troubled positions is a sure sign that they are looking for the best formula. now lets hope once that winning formula is found they stick to it. unlike M&M where he had to change the lineup cause we were winning way too many games 😉
    I hated that. we finally got rolling and bank. there goes right field. bang there goes delgado back at number 4.
    well its a new era. new managers.. only can get better right?
    soon no more wilpons 😮