Mets must prepare for life without Santana

When it comes to injuries, especially to the shoulders of pitchers, always bet the over. That’s my feeling after Mets pitcher Johan Santana refuted a published report his season could be in jeopardy.

SANTANA: Will we ever see him again?

Santana turned 32 today, and naturally the Mets are concerned about his recovery from surgery to repair a torn anterior capsule in his left shoulder. They’ve been worried since he walked off the mound last summer in pain, and it being his birthday simply makes it a logical time to revive the issue.

“We’re right on the right track,’’ Santana told reporters today.  “Whoever is saying I’m not ready, I think is lying. We are all on the same page here. … How can you have a setback at this point, where I’m just beginning to throw? I haven’t even got on the mound. I haven’t even forced my body to try to throw hard.’’

We knew from the outset the recovery would be painful with no real timetable. There are always setbacks and days when Santana might feel better than others.

In addition to what Santana said, pitching coach Dan Warthen is putting a positive spin on things, but even so we must remember Sandy Alderson’s plan for him to throw off the mound by May 1 and be ready around the All-Star break is one of guarded optimism.

The clock won’t start until he gets off the mound, and even then, nothing is for certain.

Realistically, the Mets don’t know about Santana this season. How can they with so much murky water they are wading through? This is a new injury for Santana and nobody knows how his body will respond. Traditionally, with other pitchers, this is a difficult injury from which to recover.

The Mets can’t give up on Santana for 2011 because they’d like to know what they can expect from him for next year. Even so, they won’t push him as to risk a re-injury.

Santana might have been miffed his return this season is being questioned, but truth is we don’t know if he’ll ever be Johan Santana again.

We just don’t know how the rest of his career will play out, but the Mets must be smart about this and plan for the end and regard any return as a bonus.


4 thoughts on “Mets must prepare for life without Santana

  1. I don’t see the new school of pitching actually saving arms. I think the old school pitcher had a longer shelf life.

  2. I think he new school of pitching has more to do with steroids and hgh than toss the ball 100 yds to build up arm strength and all that nonsense.

    i keep coming back to how come the old school pitchers who went through the traditional methods question what the hell is going on when they comment on the new methods? since the only one who i see on a regular basis is darling – who went to yale – i can only quote him with veracity. I have seen others – cant remember who – saying the same.

    but i remember distinctly darling questioning the throw the ball 100 yards and other methods of new training. i see many current pitchers who have problems. to me it seems the same as it always has been.

    a high stress job that takes its toll on the participants. you can take measures to protect against injury but in the end things happen. the argument that the new methods are there to save the million dollar investment does not make sense. i see many things happen in corporate america that dont make sense. i see companies spectacularly implode based on stupid things – enron, lehman.

    so the fact that owners have a vested interest is not sufficient to justify that what they are doing is correct.

    if you look at our own organization we had omar running the show for 6 years. He had a buddy who used to be a player agent running our minor league system who it was argued caused many issues to the organization and players themselves. players were rushed to get them to queens. many players were injured or destroyed because they were not given the time to learn fundamentals. the most recent example is jenrry mejia. he was pushed into the pen then had arm problems.

    there were many here who argued why it was a good move to put him in the pen. the current administration has both ruben and jenrry in the minors for seasoning. i think the move is prudent for both.

  3. Just read something on a kid named morris from the virgin islands.

    they compared him to doc. he is 18.