Let’s see Duda in right

Assuming Carlos Beltran isn’t available to the Mets by Opening Day, replacing him shouldn’t equal the dilemma CBS will have in replacing Charlie Sheen on “Two and a Half Men.”

DUDA: Let's see what he has.

Both of Beltran’s knees are aching and he’s down for the week. Maybe he’ll come back next week; maybe he won’t.

So, who will the Mets use to replace the aching outfielder with a huge $18.5 million contract?

Veteran bench players Scott Hairston and Willie Harris can be plugged in and won’t embarrass the ball club. But, will they carry it? History says no, because afterall, they are role players. Their job is to temporarily fill a hole.

I want to see what Lucas Duda can bring to the table. Duda was a September call-up who started slow but closed hot. While Hairston and Harris could be somewhere else next season, or who knows, maybe even dealt in July to a contender, Duda could have a future with this team.

Duda is strong – he had four homers last year – so there’s power potential. He didn’t sparkle defensively and can only get better. Duda is off to a good start this spring and homered yesterday. We know what Hairston and Harris can do; Duda is an unknown.

However, for a team not expected to do anything this year, what’s the harm in giving him an audition?


4 thoughts on “Let’s see Duda in right

  1. 32. i hear ya.
    last years late start was due to M&M .. no more no less.
    with a teady management style we should be able to see him ..

    last year it was all the secrets and uncertainty of where people were playing. Terrible lack of commuincation..

  2. Duda was part of a trio of players in AA a few years ago ( Murphy being one ) that was killing the league at the plate. All played 1B and/or OF.

    I think whoever is in RF they will be ok. There is Beltran, Duda, Evens, Nieuwenhuis, etc. It won’t be an all star OF, but we should be able to field something.