Something to like about Collins

One thing that has impressed me so far about manager Terry Collins has been his decisiveness.

I liked how he put a timetable on the Carlos Beltran-Angel Pagan situation, although Beltran diffused it by making the switch on his own before it became a distraction. He’s also done the same thing with second base, saying he’d like to make a decision by the middle of the month. Look for Justin Turner to be one of the first roster cuts because he has remaining options. That will give more at-bats to Daniel Murphy, Brad Emaus and Luis Castillo.

Word is Oliver Perez was on his way out, but likely delayed the inevitable with his strong outing the other day. Those scoreless innings bought Perez another appearance or two, although his chances of making the roster are out of the bullpen and not the rotation.

The Mets are a team in transition and didn’t bring a lot of bodies to camp. That Collins wants to define his roster quickly is a good decision. I like his no-nonsense, business-first approach. It is something this team has lacked.

4 thoughts on “Something to like about Collins

  1. I agree. He is decisive. He also seems fair. He is giving Luis a fair shot. I prefer Luis is not on the team because I just do not think on balance he is a help to the team. I do not like his D. He has his good days and makes his fair amount of plays, but he has no range, he flubs the routine play and he can’t hit if not batting second. He can still run and turn the double play, but I am hoping the other guys on balance make the same proportion of plays and I would guess just bring more energy to the club.

  2. Ollie lives a semi charmed life. crappy outing .. a good outing just enough to make the wrong people think he is over the hurdle.

  3. I read something on Collins and Ollie and Leyland. Collins is quoted as saying Leyland was a straight shooter and so it appears he tries to be. He gave his word to Ollie to give him a legit shot as a starter and so is traveling to watch him pitch.

    I have to respect that. Say you will do something and then actually do it. He seems to have an open mind with regard to his players and he seems to play it straight.

    This is a refreshing change from the previous manager who was Sybil.

    I see Izzy is having a good spring and may force his way onto the club.

    The only issue I see is our starting RF who is having leg problems. I don’t know who all these marginal players are that we signed as insurance, but I know they are not in the same class as Carlos as hitters.