No need to make move on Perez now

PEREZ: Still holding on.

OK, Oliver Perez was dreadful in his first spring training appearance, but don’t expect the Mets to cut him loose already, despite what most fans might want.

Nobody gets demoted or cut after one appearance, especially somebody who is scheduled to make $12 million this season. Nor should he be.

As much as Perez wants to make the team as a starter, his best chance – slim as it is – will be coming out of the bullpen. The Mets will run Perez out there several more times and won’t make a decision until they are absolutely sure he w0n’t make the team.

That means they could keep him late until March. The Mets’ hope is, as far-fetched as it is, will be for Perez to turn it around to the point where he could attract interest. That’s not likely to happen because a team won’t give up something if it believes Perez will eventually be waived.

As tight as the Mets’ money situation is, they are obligated to pay Perez $12 million this season and are hoping the long shot comes through and he’ll be able to contribute something. I know you’ve heard that before, but nothing has changed, even with that putrid first outing.

One thought on “No need to make move on Perez now

  1. Wilpons were denied extension on borrowed Money. So once again we discover the financial situation was as bad as we suspected but they did not disclose.
    Don’t rule out a hostile take over of the team. Unless MLB has rules against such a thing.

    As for Ollie, anyone that doesn’t listen to Sandy Koufax will never be any good. Ollie has lost it, he is stuck in his own world, similar to Charlie Sheen.

    Until he sits back realizes he is broken he will never be the pitcher he once thought he was..

    Also watched the game last saturday, I found it funny , our pitchers struggled a bit warthen goes out and bang. a run comes in. reminiscent of last season. I do not know what he goes out and tells them but It’s always the same thing .. *sigh*
    maybe i am over analyzing.. new season, it’s a new season …
    ok last season is gone. will look at team with “fresh” perspective… at least i will try my best to do so :-)