Mets to consider Murphy/Emaus platoon at second

Just because he hustles doesn’t mean Daniel Murphy will win the second base job. There are concerns about his defensive abilities, and while he has shown glimpses of offensive production, it is still a small window.

MURPHY: Competing for second base job.

The Mets like Rule 5 selection Brad Emaus’ potential, and he’ll get a nod over Justin Turner because the latter has remaining options.

The book on Emaus is he has adequate range and power potential as he hit ten homers in 309 at-bats for Toronto’s Triple A affiliate last summer.

Could he and Murphy share the job in a platoon basis? Absolutely.

Also working in Emaus’ favor is his ability to back up David Wright at third. Murphy, of course, can back up Ike Davis at first, so that platoon offers versatility.

Where does that leave Luis Castillo?

The Mets would love to deal him, but aren’t close to drawing any interest. Reports are Castillo could have reported in better shape, and although he didn’t come to camp early because of a family situation, he didn’t tell the Mets what was going on.

Manager Terry Collins said he would have preferred Castillo report early, but said that while not being aware of Castillo’s situation. A little communication would have spared Castillo a dig from his new manager.

Not a good start by Castillo, who has to be flawless to make the team.

I believe the deciding factor at second base is defense. If Murphy/Emaus show they can handle the position, it would go a long way to keeping that platoon over Castillo, whose defense skills are on a decline.

3 thoughts on “Mets to consider Murphy/Emaus platoon at second

  1. I would also think these two are hungrier.

    If they can handle both the plate and the field I would ditch Luis. His defense sucks and his bat means 2 slot or bust.

    I want Pagan at 2. It makes the team better. It was reported last year that the team shifted their D to compensate for Luis.

    He had one good year for us. That is not enough to give him the veteran nod over the young guys.

    Also this administration has no ties to him. Their ego won’t be hurt if they cut him loose.

  2. The word after the new managerial staff hires was professionalism.
    a professional explains why he cant be at work.
    Castillo, go out to play as hard as he is able, but in this case he wasn’t professional enough to let them know.

  3. The bottom line I think with Luis is in a four year contract he was either unable to play or was horrible in 2. After sucking in year one he bounced back to have a decent year 2.

    This is now the last year in his contract. I don’t know if he is healthy. Nor do I care. Last year Ruben was a better 2b than he for a good part of the season. This from a player brought up from AA and not paid $6 million a year. This was a terrible signing by our former GM. Also the previous managers deferred to this veteran who never performed. Presumably because the GM/front office liked him.

    His time on the team has been nothing but painful. At some point, either in spring training or by the end of the season he will be gone from Queens.