Collins addresses his team with a basic message

The boys are back in town and manager Terry Collins will have his first team meeting this morning. What’s he gonna say? What can he say?

This is a team with low expectations. This is a team with a myriad of issues and a bleak economic forecast to correct those concerns.

The message isn’t, “do your job and you’ll stay here,” because nobody is assured of anything.

With so much turmoil and uncertainty surrounding these Mets, the message must be, “do your job, play fundamentally sound baseball and hustle, and just be a professional and somebody will want you.”

It can’t be much more than that because this is a team that can’t promise anything, else.

It’s a team where the players’ first goal must be professional survival.

6 thoughts on “Collins addresses his team with a basic message

  1. How sad is that, they every player has to show professionalism as we have seen there hasn’t been much of it.
    mostly i blame M&M. and they are gone.. So now its S&T.
    Lets see what happens..

  2. Said Pelfrey: “Early I was using my fastball most of the time, and I was locating it, which is important. And I thought the split was good too. At that time maybe the split wasn’t on people’s scouting report. They were swinging at a lot of splits. In that middle part of the year, the ball flattened out. I quit using my fastball as much. I went back toward the end and started using the fastball again and it came back and everything started working again.”

    Hopefully Pelf figures it out. He is still relatively young, and they messed with him when he came up and took away his curve. But he needs to figure out his pitches soon.

  3. 3. out of the mouth of babes. My daughter wrote to the Mets as part of a school project.
    She received no reply. *sigh*

    4.) yeah pelf going strong with R.A would be phenomenal.

    I just want to watch good ball.

  4. I just read that we have a new/old contract.

    We are paying a backup 3B/OF 1.2 million for 25 years.

    He is only 48, so he fits in with the DH/reserve philosophy of the previous regime.

    Yes. I am referring to non other than Bobby B.