Don’t get excited about ownership news

Bernie Madoff’s confession that the Wilpons “knew nothing,” about his Ponzi scheme coupled with the news Fred Wilpon talking with Donald Trump about purchasing a portion of the Mets makes for interesting copy, but don’t put too much stock into it turning the franchise around.

Translation: Still no big spending.

Madoff is in jail for fraud, lying and stealing so what is his word worth anyway? Madoff’s confession certainly won’t get the lawyers off the Wilpon’s back so the lawsuit will go on as planned.

As for Trump, well, his money would indeed help and he’s indicated a willingness to help the Wilpons. However, his reputation is not for playing second string so I don’t see him, or any other investor for that matter, spending millions and not getting a say in the way things are handled. That’s just not his style.

It is also not the Wilpons’ style to give up control. Today in Port St. Lucie, Jeff Wilpon insisted to reporters that controlling interest in the team is not for sale.

“We’re not selling controlling interest in the team. It’s not on the table,” said.

Perhaps more importantly, Major League Baseball won’t allow Trump to invest in any percentage of the team as long as he owns casinos. MLB has hard rules on gambling and there will be no allowing him to own part of a team if he’s connected with gambling. At one time, MLB banned both Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays from baseball while they were employed after their careers at casinos.

6 thoughts on “Don’t get excited about ownership news

  1. allegedly madoff is stating Mets knew nothing.
    trump wants to buy some of the Mets shares.
    its funny cause he doesn’t have “real” money.. all his assets are tied up. how he gets away by his name alone amazes me.

    I don’t like how he does business…

  2. I heard that our Governors dad will be arbitrating. That makes it better for our owners I think.

    However, they have always lied to their fans regarding everything about the team.

    We will be competitive – whatever that means.

    The Madoff ponzi scheme has nothing to do with the Mets franchise – we know that is not true.

    All their pronouncements about players, injuries, coaches, etc.

    They are terrible owners. I know it could be worse, but the team will not win with them around.

  3. We need a white knight and Trump is not it. His money is as vaporous as the Wilpons.
    I had a thought that maybe some of the multi million dollar players that are retired should pool together .. this way they really would be the Mets.. :-)
    Maybe Google/Apple will buy them … Jobs should do that. Buy the Mets so he can own part of the Big Apple :-)
    Citi field would be re-named to iField. and it would be one huge HotSpot.