Could Wilpon mess make Wright expendable?

It wasn’t surprising to hear David Wright is already is Port St. Lucie working out long before his report date. He’s consistently been an early show. A lot of Mets arrived early which is a good and refreshing sign. What better way to begin a new culture?

WRIGHT: Could Mets' financial woes make him expendable?

Wright is correct when he said the Mets haven’t won anything, but he’s been saying that since the spring of 2007. He broke no new ground there.

“It’s to the point now where you’ve got to put up or shut up,” Wright told reporters. “When it’s all said and done, I want to win, and we haven’t done that. … We have to be a team on a mission, no question about it.”

Saying they are on a mission is one thing. Following through on that mission is something else, especially with what the Mets are saying are limited resources. Perhaps the most telling thing Wright said was his admission the Wilpon’s legal and financial struggles have distraction potential.

“Anytime you’re talking about, in the clubhouse, anytime you’re talking about something that has nothing to do with the pitcher that you’re facing that night or the hitters that you’re facing if you’re a pitcher then, you know, it’s somewhat of a distraction,” Wright told XM Radio.

And, you know there will be plenty of trade and contract talk around the trade deadline involving Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes, and what moves the Mets should make.

There is one certainty in the uncertainty that is the Wilpon mess, and that is there will be limited if any spending this year, especially with the Mets likely to eat the Oliver Perez contract. The Mets, as they’ve done the past few seasons, will likely not make any additions at the trade deadline, regardless of how well they are doing. To the contrary, they will attempt to sell off some of their parts, maybe even Reyes.

We don’t know the severity of what’s to come of the Wilpons and how this could play out. Should the Mets be forced to deal Reyes in July, and the Ponzi fallout lingers into next season, who is to say Wright won’t become expendable? He’s signed through 2012 (with a club option for 2013), productive and making a salary relatively easy to unload (he’ll make $14 million this year and $15 million in 2012, with a $16 million option for 2013).

If the Mets are forced to go into full rebuild mode, Wright would bring the most back in return.

I hope it doesn’t come to this, and I believe the Mets will do everything they can to keep Wright, but we don’t know what conditions will be beyond their control in the future. And, that would be very distracting.

9 thoughts on “Could Wilpon mess make Wright expendable?

  1. The whole team is expendable. With the owners facing a $1Billion dollar tab anything they can sell they will.

    They are in survival mode. Any feelings they have for any one person or player is irrelevant.

  2. yep. it is sad.

    hopefully if they sell it will be to someone who knows they know they do not know how to run a baseball team and will pick managers they trust and let them run it.

    the disfunctionality of this team starts at the top. daddy buys the team and gives his favorite son the keys to the sports car. the said son crashes it and blames someone else.

  3. Isn’t it a Mets tradition to trade away the big players 4-5 years after they won? MCgraw in 74 followed by Seaver in 77 and Koosman/Matlack shortly after. Strawberry left in 1990and Hernandez/Carter were soon gone. 2000 team saw Alonzo’s game die quickly and other like Reed, Benitez, Ventura were soon gone.
    A couple years ago we used to discuss if the Mets should break up The Core. Now all three may be gone this year. I think they will keep Wright but you never know. Maybe in two years they decided Flores is ready but can’t play short.

    I suppose it would have come out by now but is it possible the Wilpons were able to get their buddy Selig to invest with Madoff?

    Jose Reyes was at the disaster that was the Islanders game. Got interviewed on the Jumbotron. Wasn’t wearing an Islanders jersey..just your sweatsuit type of clothes. You are wealthy, Mr Reyes, you should dress classy if you don’t wear a jersey for the team saluting you (Rex Ryan was wearing his Islanders jersey when interviewed during the third period on Opening Night).

  4. We shall see what happens. Like i said in an earlier post. we need a white knight. at this point a corp raider would be our white knight 😉

  5. Ollie getting the love..
    they are giving him an opportunity to start?! wow..

    i know in sandy we trust. but wasnt collins watching TV?
    ok so you think ollie will play better for collins? time will tell ..
    like i said anyoe that doesnt listen and follow Sandy Koufax’s advice is a lost cause. but maybe this shake up made ollie grow up.
    it sure would be nice and will help the team..

  6. They give him a chance. I think he is a long shot with the team anyway.

    We shall see. There are a lot of injured projected starters..