Why it is important for Beltran to play center

BELTRAN: Easier to move as center fielder

Angel Pagan said manager Terry Collins has not talked with him or Carlos Beltran about who will play center, but this is an important issue for the Mets to decide as soon as possible in spring training, and it must be the veteran.

With Beltran making $18.5 million this year, the Mets know they will not re-sign him to an extension. They also know with their roster they will not overtake Philadelphia and the wild-card is also a long shot. And, that’s with Beltran and Jason Bay healthy and producing.

Pagan was the better center fielder last year and might be better this season, but the best interest of the Mets in the short term is for Beltran to prove he can play the position.

The Mets have had surface discussions with teams about Beltran, but there aren’t any serious talks because nobody wants to take the gamble on his salary, age and injury history the past two seasons. And, there won’t be any legitimate conversations until Beltran proves he can play, and that means center field.

If Beltran is back in center and hitting, he’ll be easier to trade and a contender might bite. Because Beltran won’t be returning and the Mets aren’t winning this year, his value to the franchise is not as a player but what he can bring back in prospects and the salary they might save.

And, he’ll be easier to move as a center fielder.

6 thoughts on “Why it is important for Beltran to play center

  1. I hate this.

    You are right, but if the team wants to win, then the best defender should start in cf.

    also if you want to make money you win. a fly ball over the head or not getting to a ball can cost a game.

    Would giving him some games in center help? It might break their rhythm but having them swap positions from time to time might make both happy and unhappy.

  2. dave (1): Sure, the team wants to win, but for all practical purposes they are writing off this season. They might as well make the most of it and see what they can get for Beltran.-JD

  3. the thing is look at 2005/2006. The team was winning and the fans were excited. It was a short term thing, but we were talking for 3 years.

  4. If beltran is not healthy enough for CF he needs to play RF and thats all there is to it.
    I understand he is a CF and that if we want to deal him we need to play him. but if he truly has lost his range. and he plays a really good RF. we can deal him as a premiere CF and a RF.
    But yeah, in the end.. we wont know until Spring..

  5. Playing Beltran in center to increase his value in a trade. Isn’t that a Pirate or Royals practice?