Smooth sailing not guaranteed for 2012

The conventional thinking is this is a throwaway season with the Mets not being able to compete until 2012 after the team clears its books of Oliver Perez, Carlos Beltran, Luis Castillo and possibly Francisco Rodriguez.

However, that’s not a given.

While the Mets should have more financial flexibility next winter, they’ll have a wide range of holes to fill including an outfielder to replace Beltran, at least two starting pitchers and possibly a closer if they don’t bring back Rodriguez.

There’s also the possibility of needing a second baseman and maybe a catcher if Josh Thole doesn’t pan out.

Take away those four contracts and the Mets will have $54 million to play with, but that’s only for one year. That’s probably enough to fill four spots, but will the Mets make four long-term signings?

That doesn’t appear to be Sandy Alderson’s way of doing things.

Another potential hole could be shortstop if Jose Reyes walks after the season.

The bottom line is the Mets could still have a lot of work to do after this season, and possibly next year as well.

13 thoughts on “Smooth sailing not guaranteed for 2012

  1. Speaking of which we had that long island kid a couple of years ago who had surgery and the college kid we drafted last year. then there is jenrry

    so hopefully one of the pitching spots can be had by one of these guys.

  2. Steve(4)

    Yeah. thats the guy we traded a minor leaguer for. From what I read, marginal talent.

    He makes the team or not I don’t care. He won’t be starting in 2012.

  3. Or it could be a bad thing if we get someone like Jimmy Dolan. Or the wealthy Milstein family that owned the Islanders in the 1990s and told Milbury to trade anybody with a decent salary. Mad Mike needed no help in making bad deals.

    Mets VP Dave Howard owes an apology to Erin Avredlund. In 2009 in promoting her book on the Maddof scandal said the Wilpons might sell. Howard said her charges were “Outrageous, unfounded and grossly irresponsible”.