Collins getting ready for spring training

It was cold and rainy outside, but there was a definite feel of spring in the air inside Citi Field this afternoon when manager Terry Collins and several players played host to 25 fifth and sixth graders at the Mets’ third annual After School Sports Program.

COLLINS: Getting ready for spring training.

With spring training less than a month away, Collins touched on a myriad of issues, saying:

1) Mike Pelfrey will be his Opening Day starter against Florida. Said Collins: “He deserves it. Right now, I think Mike Pelfrey should be the No. 1 guy on this staff.’’

2) He will meet with Carlos Beltran at the start of spring training about a move to right field. Beltran will get a chance to prove he’s healthy. Collins said a decision would be made after roughly 10 games.

3) The top five in his batting order would be: Jose Reyes, Angel Pagan, David Wright, Beltran and Jason Bay. Collins said Beltran and Bay are ready physically.

4) Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez are expected to be in camp and not released before. Collins said Castillo could still win the second base job.

5) With Reyes healthy, “I’ll turn him loose,’’ and he could be a 50-60 steal player again. Reyes said he’s ready for spring training, and regarding his contract situation, added that’s not on his mind. “I want to play baseball and see what happens,’’ Reyes said.

6) Could live with 150 strikeouts from David Wright “as long as he’s driving in runs.’’ Wright’s production should increase and his strikeouts decrease with a healthy Beltran and Bay behind him.

7) He is set with three starters Pelfrey, RA Dickey and Jon Niese, with and Chris Young, Dillon Gee and Chris Capuano competing for the fourth and fifth spots.

8) Will stress fundamentals in spring training, adding he’s aiming for 30 innings from the starters and 70 at-bats from the starting position players.

9) The Mets anticipate adding another left-handed reliever.

7 thoughts on “Collins getting ready for spring training

  1. Does Collins anticipate having the same lineup everyday or is he a mix-and-match guy?

    No mention of Coin Flip as a candidate for a starter? Good. At least he’s not deluding himself about that.

  2. i like that he is naming his #1 now. none of this lets see how it goes. here is my top 3. here is my #1. the other spots will fill out.

    i am not really excited about this year because we have no chance to win anything, but i am excited about what seems the new direction and the new way they are going about their business.

    by the way i hear johan can start working out.

  3. 2.) dave, this new way.. its called old fashioned baseball. something M&M had no clue about. changing rotation at a whim. you know what.. when you are on a winning streak. you do not change lineup. batting order.. underwear.. stupistition always had a place in baseball. I think breaking the “bad” habits hurt many players. Those little things they do. help find focus for the player… and if you are winning for it. why change it?
    old school players and managers wouldnt change a thing while winning. the minute the streak ended and didnt resurrect time for a change.. otherwise never mess with a good thing. why the yankees win and win and win..,and they have the money to get players.. let go bad players. and let the players play the way they should…

  4. the yankees win because they have talent. and yes they let go of those not performing.

    in the 80’s they lost and the mets won because the mets had talent and the yankees did not.

  5. Dan (1): I get the impression he’ll try to stay with a set lineup as much as he can. … And, no mention of Perez as a starter. He’ll have to pitch lights out in spring training to make the team.-JD