Mets add Young

The Mets have their man in Chris Young and with him their five-man rotation is apparently set.  That would be Mike Pelfrey, Jon Niese, RA Dickey, Young and either Chris Capuano or Dillon Gee.

Remember, just keep repeating to yourself it’s not about this year, it is about treading water until 2012.

The deal is for $1 million plus incentives. Coming off shoulder problems, the deal is also a gamble.

With spring training just inside 30 days away, I’m usually looking forward to the upcoming season and this year is no different. I just don’t have the same level of optimism I usually do. The Mets have given me no reason.

The Mets were a sub-.500 team that lost its ace and might not see him this season. It could also lose potentially its best bat in Carlos Beltran by midseason in a trade.

Remember, it isn’t about this year.

3 thoughts on “Mets add Young

  1. I like this team. We still have our stars (beltran,bay,wright,reyes) we have a decent staff, bullpen is eh, and good complementary players around them. Maybe we will be decent. Maybe we’ll be terrible. Im hoping its at least exciting to tune in every day.

  2. These signings are necessary but who cares?

    These are not significant, but they are necessary. They are also cheap so if the player doesnt pan out we can move on.