Updating the mess that is Oliver Perez

PEREZ: Not showing it in Mexico

There are a lot of glaring differences between the Mets and Yankees, but it really stands out when you look at the signing of reliever Rafael Soriano.

The Yankees will $35 million to Soriano to be their set-up reliever. Compare that to the $36 million the Mets are paying Oliver Perez to be a stud in their rotation.

It never happened for Perez, who has one more year on his contract.  Word is Perez is working hard in the Mexican Winter League, but we’ve heard that before.

Perez has issued 29 walks with a 5.18 ERA in 37 2/3 innings, hardly inspiring numbers.

The Mets are hoping Perez will recapture his fastball and be able to make a viable contrition. But, unlike last year, they don’t figure to wait around for him to turn it around. If he doesn’t show anything in spring training they could finally eat his contract.

4 thoughts on “Updating the mess that is Oliver Perez

  1. The Yankees just have more money to spend.

    That is because they win very consistently which allows them to charge hi prices for seats and cable.

    The Phillies are spending more than we do also and they are winning.

    Both have better organizations that identify talent and pay for what they don’t have.

    Ollie was just a bad signing. They overpaid ( yet again ) for a player that not many were interested in.

    I understand his fastball touches the upper 80’s like last year so I do not expect him to be measurably better than in the recent past. When they signed him I said we know who he is. Those hoping he will turn into something he is not were just hoping.

    I do think he has a use. His numbers against lefties are very good. Can he be effective as a lefty specialist?

  2. a lefty specialist at 36 million. um no.
    otherwise let me pitch to one batter a game. I’ll do it for 5 million. blow my arm out.. and retire happy. 😉

    Perez didn’t listen to Koufax, who ignores Koufax? nuff said..

  3. i agree 36 mil for a lefty specialist is ridiculous, but we are spending it anyway and if he helps the team in even a limited role why not?