Do you still have faith in the Mets?

There have been countless lost seasons in this franchise’s history, many of them gone before pitchers and catchers report in February. This is looking like another one of those years.

The Mets only did minor tweaking this winter and are no better now than they were when the season ended. They are putting their stock in the season in the hopes of Jason Bay and Carlos Beltran staying healthy, the continued development of Mike Pelfrey and some of their younger players, and encore seasons from RA Dickey and Angel Pagan.

In short, they are hoping everything breaks right, and even if it does, there are two holes in the rotation and a weak bullpen.

Still, the Mets are asking you to believe, with perhaps our biggest wish is for them to get rid of Oliver Perez before Opening Day.

As I look at the drifting snow and feel the cold, the warmth I usually feel this time of year because of spring training has slipped away like me on the ice this morning. Spring training is a time for optimism and hope, but this year realistic hope is around .500 at best.ย But, we knew this with the hiring of Sandy Alderson, who told us there would be no big spending this winter and he hoped the team would be competitive. That probably means a lot of close games before losing in the late innings.

Still, we follow the Mets because they are our team and are woven deep into our lives. We still love them like the gangly younger brother that embarrasses us. We are loyal to them because we know loyalty is about acceptance and we believe things will improve next year.

As we are distracted by football, we try to envision the snow gone, the grass green and lush and baseball occupying our spring nights.ย And, somewhere there is the hope this could be a fun summer regardless how it looks on paper now.

14 thoughts on “Do you still have faith in the Mets?

  1. football? what’s that..

    I want to see good games .. win or lose. i dont want to watch people watch balls dribble by. I do not want to see a guy who’s job it is to get on base or move a runner. swinging for the fence every chance he gets.

    I want to see real mets baseball again. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I hope that the team plays fundamental ball and plays hard.

    We knew that there was not going to be spending. Sandy has done a good job at setting expectations.

    If they play hard and play right they can be a 500 team without significant adds.

    I will root for a team that goes out and plays rather than just shows up like they have for the past few years.

    The collapses the past 4 years is because they do not play right. That is attitude not talent.

  3. As a fan since ’73, I’ve seen it all. To me, this is another cycle of taking the season as it unfolds, cheer for this year’s R.A. Dickeys, and realize we finally have a strong front office that will build a consistent contender for years to come. Instead of those flash-in-the pan teams, we’ll have our version of the Atlanta Braves. Patience will be rewarded.

  4. what i don’t want to see is sell while winning attitude..
    ok we won. now sell the players while they are worth something. um how bout winning more than once in a decade ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. SteveC (1): When Alderson was hired he spoke of having a “Mets Way.” What you described is it. I want to see good, fundamental baseball. That’s the best way to lay a foundation.-JD

  6. dave (2) Part of it was attitude. I believe after the collapses of 2007 and 2008 they were emotionally drained. Last year, you could tell they had a defeatist attitude after the All-Star break. Not making a move at the deadline and the Oliver Perez situation contributed to this..-JD

  7. SteveC (6): The one guy who will be a focal point all year in that regard is Jose Reyes. Will they sign him to an extension, let him walk after the season or try to deal him at the deadline. You know they’ll try to deal Beltran.-JD

  8. john(8)

    but in 2007 they had a huge lead. they went into a tailspin. it seemed they lost a lot of games they should have won. then a repeat not so drastic in 2008.

    i think as a team they have been too passive. look back to the piazza clemens incident. he had a bat thrown at him. neither he nor his teammates nor the coach reacted. that is sad.

    i dont want a team of thugs, but baseball is baseball. if you are provoked and you do not react other teams take notice.

  9. 11.) The term is fire.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    a fire in their eyes. a fire for the game..
    and when you screw up get more fire..

  10. I’d just be repeating what everyone above me said. Just give me a team that I can root for and will work hard every game.