Don’t be in a rush to deal Flores

Sorry for the absence. I’ve been ill lately and had to shut it down for a few days. This is the longest I’ve gone without a post since I started doing this and I apologize.

But, we haven’t missed much as the Mets continue to hope the prices will drop on whatever pitching talent is left out there. By most accounts there’s not much more than $4 million remaining in the Mets’ budget, and that won’t be enough to land Brandon Webb, the best remaining arm.

The Mets are looking at Freddy Garcia (but so are the Yankees), Chris Young and Jeff Francis. Young appears to be the most likely. There are other free-agent pitchers, such as Jeremy Bonderman and Kevin Millwood, but they don’t register much on the thrill meter. Nobody outside of Webb raises your pulse.

The name I keep hearing in the trade market is Tampa Bay’s Matt Garza, which would be appealing, but the reported cost would be shortstop prospect Wilmer Flores.

Trading prospects are always risky, but unless the return is great (and Garza doesn’t rank that high), I’d be reluctant to deal Flores because of the uncertainty of what could happen with Jose Reyes. If Reyes gets off to a good start and the Mets are committed to signing him to an extension, then Flores would be expendable.

However, if the Mets opt to shop Reyes at the trade deadline, or he leaves after the season as a free agent, it would be good to have Flores in the fold. But, to deal Flores now and then lose Reyes would leave a hole I don’t think Ruben Tejada would be able to fill.

Flores is still several years away, but his value should only increase. While Garza is coming off a career year at 15-10, he’s still less than a .500 career pitcher.

4 thoughts on “Don’t be in a rush to deal Flores

  1. 15-10 we have a few of those already. .500 pitcher for a .500 ballclub. with how we are hurting .. maybe losing a prospect so deep in the archives is ok. considering we lost Pedro.
    well we shall see what Alderson does with this..

  2. Yeah, Garza doesn’t have a lot of upside. He’s a mid to back end starter.
    Flores has the potential to be a star. Now, I know the Mets track record in this regard, but I am hesitant to trade a blue-chip prospect for a marginal pitcher.
    Now, if it was for a top tier starter, I might be persuaded…

    Keep in mind that he is most likely going to outgrow shortstop, due to his build. He might wind up as a corner outfielder, or 1st base. Still, too soon to trade him.

  3. Flores doesn’t project to be a starting SS in the majors..but I digress. Matt Garza is an excellent pitcher, threw over 200 innings in each of his last two years, a WHIP of 1.25, and an ERA below 4 while predominantly facing lineups like the Red Sox and the Yankees. Ed, he isn’t a number 4 or 5…he’s a 2 or 3 starter. Now i’m not sure I would want to trade Wilmer, but I would think long and hard about it.