Second base situation a good sign

It’s a good sign when Terry Collins said the Mets’ second base job is wide open on several fronts, perhaps most importantly because it signals a willingness to cut ties with Luis Castillo if he doesn’t carry his own weight.

If the Mets aren’t able to swing a deal – and who really expects that to happen? – then a willingness to eat the $6 million contract is a positive development.

As of now, Daniel Murphy, Rule 5 pickup from Toronto Brad Emaus, Castillo, and Justin Turner will be in the mix. Minus will be Ruben Tejada, who showed he could do the job with his glove but not the bat.

Murphy probably has the most potential obviously, but is learning the position. Emaus must remain on the 25-man roster or be returned to the Blue Jays, but the Mets have so many holes that carrying a utility infielder might be a reach.

That could mean Turner could slot in as a sleeper.

The encouraging thing to me is that if Castillo doesn’t earn the job outright, that the Mets are now willing to cut their losses. They’ll still pay the money, but would rid themselves of a non-productive player.

And, hopefully, that will follow through with Oliver Perez. Keep a good thought.

8 thoughts on “Second base situation a good sign

  1. This is beginning to be a chili recipe. get the ingredients notice some are so so and kinds still ok to use,.. but you want to slow cook and see how it all tastes .. and if necessary.. replace the ingredients with better././

    Lets hope this continues.

  2. 3. RIP Feller. Enjoy the ballgame up there..

    amazing huh. how many complete games? and how hard was he throwing? i guess no pitch count huh. oh i forgot that’s a bad phrase

  3. Not a fan of Murphy learning the position. I remember Gregg Jeffries trying to learn second in the majors. As bad as Piazza learning to play first in the majors and Hojo learning center in the majors.

  4. baseball america rates jenrry #1 on the mets.

    not really surprising.

    fmart falls to 8.

    by next year he wont be in the top ten.

    a few years ago we could have had a nice player for him