No need to panic

Sandy Alderson said Philadelphia’s stunning signing of Cliff Lee will have no great bearing or impact on his plans for putting together the Mets for 2011. Nor should it.

Alderson says the Mets can be competitive, but there’s room for interpretation on what that means. Will the Mets make a run at the wild card or just play tight, close games they’ll more often than not eventually lose? With the way the roster is compiled and limited spending to them, it is probably the latter.

The Mets talked bravely about the Phillies being better on paper, which is undoubtedly true, but they still have to play the games. That’s the way to slip into cliche mode. Adding Chris Young or Jeff Francis isn’t going to make a world of difference for the Mets. Fact is, with the Yankees losing out on Lee I can see them swooping down on Young to bring into camp. The $4 million he wants is chump change to the Yankees.

Alderson can’t write off 2011 entirely because he still has tickets to sell and he needs to change the culture by improving the remaining product on the field. A panic signing now, with all that payroll coming off the books later, does the team no good.

Just get used to it. This will be a rough year, but it is the needed medicine to cure the ills of the previous regime.

5 thoughts on “No need to panic

  1. 2011 is a gift season.

    We have been bad for so long that if we play average the fans will be happy. We played better this past year because of the rookies.

    Their energy and consistency made us better. Yes there were growing pains but we played well when they were in.

    What we need is competition on the team. We need solid play and a philosophy of how to play.

    We do not need a manager cracking jokes after we stink up the field. We do not need a GM that panics. Have faith in your plan and work your plan.

  2. Bill Murray “I have a plan”
    Harold Ramis “Oh, great! Custer had a plan too”.

    From “Stripes”

    Seriously, the Mets should not panic into a “we’ve got to sign somebody” mode. Get a good plan, stick with it and level with the fans. We are big boys and girls, we can take honest talk and being treated as adults.

    RIP Bob Feller. A great patriot and a great baseball player.

  3. 3

    are you sure?

    I am not sure if we can be treated as adults.

    look at politics. our elected officials are a more serious matter than a baseball game, but they have not treated us like adults in decades. we do not want them to.

  4. I thought we were all the children of Rome and as such need Rome to tell us how to live our lives and raise their children on loan to us after our wives gave birth for the sake of rome.
    oops sorry wrong discussion.

    Lets Go Mets!