Would Mets really gain by dealing Beltran to Sox?

There are a myriad of issues surrounding Carlos Beltran that make him logically impossible to deal, but there reports out of Boston the Mets and Red Sox are talking.

BELTRAN: Would deal to Sox help Mets?

Undoubtedly, it is Boston’s cobra-mongoose struggle with the Yankees that has the Red Sox thinking about adding Beltran.

The Red Sox have a hole in the outfield and the designated hitter to slot in on an occasional basis (don’t forget David Ortiz will get most of those at-bats after the trade for Adrian Gonzalez).

Clearly, the Red Sox would be gambling to catch lightning in a bottle with Beltran in his walk year as worth taking the risk on the outfielder’s balky knees and $18.5 million salary.

Reportedly, the Red Sox are willing to part with Daisuke Matsuzaka, who will make $10 million in each of the next years. So essentially, the Mets would be trading a bad one-year contract for a bad two-year contract.

And, if the Mets have to eat about $8.5 million of Beltran’s contract to make the trade work, then what’s the benefit? They wouldn’t open up any payroll room because they’d still be on the hook for Beltran’s balance and Matsuzaka’s salary plus the latter’s salary for 2012.

The Mets would be trading the hope of Beltran bouncing back to hoping Matsuzaka will rebound. Yes, the Mets need pitching, but would Matsuzaka really help them?

That Boston is so eager to get rid of Matsuzaka should tell you something about what the Red Sox think of his ability to turn it around.

The one thing certain about the Mets and Beltran is this will be their last season together. Clearly, the Mets want to clear the books and think ahead to 2012. Beltran is not enamored with the organization for how it handled his knee problems and is seeking one more payday.

The Mets would like to trade Beltran, but their best hope for a good return will be if he gets off to a good start and stays healthy and they are able to swing something at the deadline.

Hope. That’s the best word to describe the Mets’ immediate prospects for 2011.

8 thoughts on “Would Mets really gain by dealing Beltran to Sox?

  1. I believe Beltran should balme his agent .. if Beltran had the knee surgery earlier rather than later .. he would have been playing.

    The fact his knees were a problem so long just indicates what we knew about the previous medical staff and the lack of communication of beltran to fix himself.

    These are grown men, do we hold off on doctors and surgery, yes but you know when your job is on the line then you do what is necessary.

    I think we gain a lot by the trade, in the spirit of house cleaning and starting fresh. we may not like it in the beginning but if this is the new improve regime.. we may wind up thanking them.

  2. i say keep him or get back some nice prospects.

    if you have to eat contract just keep him. u can trade in july.

    we need to worry about pitching and bench. dont bite off more than u can chew.

  3. I think with something to prove and having to play for a contract, that it is best if they traded him at the summer deadline. I think he will have more value then. And if the Mets are contending, then you have until the end of August to move him if they fall out. I think some people are forgetting he OPS’d .968 during September 2010 and was just getting reacclimated to playing the field.

  4. 3.) Steve no one doubts that. but he was still injured and recovering. who knows if it made matters worse.
    It sounds to me beltran isnt happy. if we can offload him at minimal cost do it fast. because if articles are telling the truth. he will be the next poison pill.
    But Alderson knows best right 😉