Immediate forecast for change not looking good.

The Mets are interested in Freddy Garcia, Chris Young and Jeff Francis, but Sandy Alderson said the Mets will only sign one middle-tier starter. That means the fifth starter will either be Dillon Gee, Oliver Perez, Pat Misch or maybe another sterling arm from the system.

Young and Francis, reportedly, are asking for one year, $5-million deals loaded with incentives, which Alderson described as “high.’’ Fact is, as a going rate, that’s a pretty decent price for mediocrity, but it might be too much of a reach since both are coming off shoulder injuries.

The Mets aren’t going to get catcher Russell Martin, which was interesting for a moment. Asking price of $5 million is too high. He’ll end up with Boston or the Yankees. They’ll go really low rent for Josh Thole’s back-up.

At least Alderson hasn’t promised us trades and signings he knows he can’t deliver. Alderson said this is going to take time and all indications are he’s not going to blink and make a panic move that will bite the Mets for years to come.

The only way the Mets can make substantial improvements for 2011 by addition is to eat the Perez and Castillo contracts and add payroll. That won’t happen.

13 thoughts on “Immediate forecast for change not looking good.

  1. I read somewhere that Collins spoke to Beltran and Beltran promised to do whatever it took. So looks like he may be playing right field.

    Also he could be traded. i heard Alderson and Billy Bean go way back and it’s possible to work something out.
    But who knows…

    I just want the right thing done.. at this stage. too much of the wrong has screwed this team.

  2. They need a pitcher. Two or 3 actually. But at least someone that you can be reasonably sure will keep you in a game and go out there the whole season and give you 200ip.

    i am not comfortable if that pitcher is coming off surgery. we have no depth to deal with having only 3 pitchers who did well for us last year and a crap shoot for 40% of the rotation.

  3. I see Ollie being on the roster at the beginning of the year. Unless he bombs in Spring we cannot just cut an arm because he has a bad contract. If his role is the pen or even the back of the rotation so be it.

    We cannot afford to be cutting off our nose.

  4. Steve C (1): It’s going to take awhile because the hole is just too deep. Beltran playing right is a positive. Hopefully, he’ll respond and get off to a good start which will up his trade value in July. They have to deal him then because they shouldn’t re-sign him.-JD

  5. dave (3): Agreed 100 percent. In hindsight, perhaps instead of exiling Perez last year they should have worked him more out of the pen. Oh well, water under the bridge.-JD

  6. John

    I recently read speculation of him being the lefty specialist in the pen. The piece quoted some very good numbers in the past few years against lefty batters.


  7. 6.) I read the same thing. lemon to lemonade and all.

    I am sure under new management he would be allowed to have his tantrums. i wanna see a “fine” mentality from collins. a player does something stoopit or no effort. FINE.. put the cash right there…
    you just paid for the ball boy’s steak tonight.. whatever it takes.. to make them hustle..

  8. Yes! The Mets DID sign a pitcher, D.J. Carrasco and a catcher, Ronny Paulino. Oh my stars! Jeepers creepers! It just dawned on me! It appears Sandy Alderson also has the same bias for signing Latino players that Omar Minaya did!!! 😉

  9. 9.) what can you do. Cheap labor i guess 😮

    Just kidding, I guess each decade has the golden “boy” nationality..

    next will be the first martian kid allowed to play. 😉

    I just read Red Sox are looking at beltran and all that feel good about beltran playing mets and playing right field was bull. seems mets and beltran are all out of love for each other.
    amazing huh.. I guess Alderson is cleaning house.

  10. Apparently the new catcher is good against lefties and sucks at righties. So he complements Thole. Not a good defensive catcher tho.

  11. 11. Bookend catchers huh. i have to see this new catcher at work.

    12. let’s see what he does.