Winter Meetings open with stunning Werth deal

Nobody saw this one coming. Jayson Werth was going to stay in Philly or go to Boston. He would make his money, but $126 million over seven years from the Washington Nationals was completely off the radar.

WERTH: Mets shouldn't be swayed by deal.

Losing Werth weakens the Phillies, but they are resilient, willing to spend and will find a way to replace him. No tears shed there. As for the Nationals, he can’t help but make them better, but this is a team that just lost Adam Dunn so are they upgrading the offense that much?

Werth is good player, but how much of that production comes from hitting in Philadelphia’s bandbox and the protection afforded him in that lineup? Not sure he’ll do the same for the Nationals.

Word is the Nationals aren’t done and are willing to throw money after pitching, notably Carl Pavano.

We know the Mets aren’t as good as Philly, Atlanta and probably the Marlins. Now the Nationals are making noises like they want to escape the NL East cellar. Sad to say, but they just might be the yardstick the Mets will measure themselves by in the near future.

Washington’s aggressiveness is being noted by the Mets, but hopefully they will stay the course and give Sandy Alderson’s blueprint time to develop. Trying to keep up with the Joneses with foolish spending is what got the Mets into trouble in the first place.

Mets fans have been clamoring for change since the end of the 2007 season when the team blew a seven game lead with 17 to play. There has been no structured plan for development the past three years as the Mets approached each offseason with a piecemeal approach.

This time, the Mets are trying patience and trying to build from the bottom up. That’s been the party line and Alderson has not wavered and suggested this team will be competitive by throwing large sums of money at players.

There is a lot of work to do, and most of it will come next winter after Carlos Beltran, Oliver Perez, Luis Castillo and probably Francisco Rodriguez are off the books. That’s when the spending will come. For now, it’s evaluating, minor moves and hoping players stay healthy as the way to go for 2011.

It’s tempting to watch the Nationals and give in to the spending impulse, but in the long term that’s not the way to go.

We’ve wanted a front office with vision, organization and planning for three years now. We now have one, so let’s give them the time to get it done, no matter how much spending goes on this week.

8 thoughts on “Winter Meetings open with stunning Werth deal

  1. I don’t think it’s much of a secret that 2011 is not going to be very pretty. But I am willing to take the chance that the guys that are in charge now will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As far as the Nats go, sure they signed Werth for a contract that makes the Bay contract look sweet by comparison, but they lost Adam Dunn. Strasburg has a long ways to go to recover. They are the last team I am worried about. The Mets need to come away with some pitching depth..whether it be taking a flyer on Francis or Young or signing a Brian Bannister type. I am a believer that Bay will come back to form and Beltran who was picking it up at the end of last year, .968 OPS people, and into his walk season, Jose Reyes in HIS walk season, and the continued improvement of Ike Davis will hopefully keep the team in contention.

  2. listen as long as the games are exciting like they used to be. what the hell.. losing was always part of the franchise. BUT THE GAMES, for the most part, were always exciting.

    These last 5 years were torture to watch, and I cannot even believe i said that ..

  3. Torture? A little strong dontcha think? Maybe the last two years…but the 3 before that were disappointing, not torturous. I’m not sure how old you are Steve C but if you want torture, watch old films of the Met teams under Joe Torre. Not THAT was torture.

  4. 3.) *L* yes i was old enough to watch those as well. But it was still fun to watch. wasnt our team always supposed to lose?

  5. They want to win. they aren’t bogged down with crappy contracts as a result will grab anything that yankees/mets/phils/braves cant get.

    Scary huh.

  6. Talk about torture, try being a Washington Nationals fan since their move from Montreal:

    2005: 81 and 81
    2006: 71 and 91
    2007: 73 and 89
    2008: 59 and 102
    2009: 59 and 103
    2010: 69 and 93

    PLEASE…don’t be envious of a team like this just because they decided to spend some money and have draft picks from some pretty awful years that are starting to pay some dividends (though the major one we wont see probably till 2012)

  7. Steve Original (1): I think the new management will turn things around, but it will take some time. The Nationals might overtake the Mets in 2011, but they also have a lot of holes. I just don’t want the Mets to look at Washington and think they have to get crazy in the market.-JD