Making a go with little

Sandy Alderson said it again, that the Mets have little payroll flexibility and aren’t expected to make a splash in the free-agent market.

Again, even if the Mets cut Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo, they are still on the hook for $18 million between them. It’s not as if the money could be spent elsewhere.

The Mets need to find two starters, bullpen depth, a second baseman (if it is not Castillo), a back-up catcher and bench depth. Try doing that with about $10 million to spend.

There’s not much in the minor league system to help immediately. And, Ruben Tejada and Jenrry Mejia are best served in the minor leagues for this year, Alderson said. There aren’t the prospects available to make a trade similar to the one Boston did for Adrian Gonzalez. And, if there was, the Mets are committed to not spending.

Again, we can re-examine trading Jose Reyes and David Wright, but you’d be dealing your two best players. And, with Reyes, his value because of injury and lack of production the past two years, and that he’ll be a free agent after 2011, make him difficult to deal.

And, while a solid player, Wright isn’t one that would bring a boatload of talent in return. Plus, he’d leave a gaping hole at third base.

Alderson said this would be a process and he’s not lying. This is becoming more apparent as the winter meetings approach. They might be able to add a band-aid or two, but other than that, hope for 2011 is for Reyes, Jason Bay and Carlos Beltran to get healthy and continued development from players such as Mike Pelfrey, Jon Niese and Ike Davis.

As of now, hope is the plan.

2 thoughts on “Making a go with little

  1. “Alderson said this would be a process and he’s not lying.”

    It’s always a process. Look at the Giants: they won the Series but have to wheel and deal in the off-season. Every team does. With free agency there are always players coming and going.

    (As an aside: JD, do you think Marvin Miller will ever be elected to the Hall of Fame?)

    It’s early, but I have a good feeling about the team. Not sure what the W-L will be next season, but if they play good, crisp baseball and communicate well with the fans (and each other) I’ll be happy.

  2. Not sure I would want Wright dealt.
    But whatever gets the mets off the ground, right?

    At least we are getting better disclosure than previous administration.