Timetable for Santana?

Mets manager Terry Collins, speaking on WFAN, threw out the first timetable on Johan Santana, saying maybe around June. Does anybody have any faith it will be sooner than that?

SANTANA: Collins saying June.

The Mets must prepare for life without Santana for this year, and possibly longer, consider the nature of his injury and this is the third straight year in which he’s been injured and has become a annual health issue.
The Mets can’t afford this year, or next, to assume Santana will automatically be an ace. They won’t spend anything this winter, but after the books are cleared they have to be thinking about landing a big time free-agent for the 2012 season.
The free-agent pitching market is thin, and the Mets have two holes to fill in their rotation. With the loss of Hisanori Takahashi and likely Pedro Feliciano, they also have considerable work to do in their bullpen.
On a positive note, Collins said he will approach Carlos Beltran about playing right field and the health reports are good on Jason Bay. Second base, he said, is wide open.
Sandy Alderson said the Mets could be competitive this season, but everything has to break right, and that means the healthy returns of Beltran, Bay and Reyes, and consistency in the starting rotation.
Hopefully, next week at the winter meetings Alderson will make a big enough splash to fuel optimism.

11 thoughts on “Timetable for Santana?

  1. “Mets manager Terry Collins, speaking on WFAN, threw out the first timetable on Johan Santana, saying maybe around June. Does anybody have any faith it will be sooner than that?”

    It’ll be interesting to see if the new Mets management is more candid in its communications compared with the last management team.

  2. and the medical staff is actually on the ball this time around.

    At least collins has the balls to go to beltran and say. hey you are in right field. get used to it.

  3. so far they have been pretty clear. no big names this year. tight budget. dont expect too much.

  4. also they are not saying johan will be available at the beginning of the season.

    so far so good.

  5. if they do what they say and make solid baseball decisions they have a shot to not suck this year.

    cant ask for more really.

  6. (2)Steve C: Collins didnt say that at all. He said he would talk to him about possibly moving to right field. Nothing will be determined until they see him play in spring training.

  7. 7.) agreed. but collins did something M&M never had the balls to do. and that was to say. hey beltran you know. for the good of the team and your career maybe..however if collins is the person everyone says he is. you know that right field is more than an ask if its ok.

  8. Omaha (1): So far, the first impression has been a good one regarding communication. Of course, the games haven’t started, yet. But, you have to be optimistic. Alderson is already on record saying don’t expect much in free-agency and he hasn’t promised a winner. So far, so good.-JD

  9. Steve C (8): I’m glad Beltran possibly going to RF is being discussed now rather than sprung on him in spring training. Based on Beltran’s health the past two years, his legs won’t hold up.-JD