Listening to offers about Reyes doesn’t mean he’s leaving.

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving weekend with your families.

I’ve been hearing a lot lately that the Mets’ new management is listening to offers for shortstop Jose Reyes.┬áThe responsible thing for the Mets to do is to listen to proposals, but that doesn’t ensure he’s going anywhere. He’ll be a free agent after this season so the prudent thing would be to ascertain the market before thinking about a long term extension.

There are teams with shortstop holes, namely San Francisco and Boston, but the Mets will want a lot in return. With a player of Reyes’ potential, who can blame them?

However, teams thinking about Reyes have to be cautious for several reasons:

1) Because he’ll be a free agent, they’ll want a window of opportunity to sign him to an extension because they don’t want to overpay for a rental.

2) Reyes is coming off back-to-back years in which injuries sapped his playing time and his health remains an issue.

3) Reyes is two years removed from being the dynamic leadoff hitter and impact player we expect from him.

4) With holes in their rotation and bullpen, not to mention now the hole at shortstop, the Mets’ asking price would be high.

For those reasons, I don’t see the Mets easily finding a trading partner. I would rather see the Mets pay Reyes the $11 million for 2011 and give him the year before making any decision on him, whether it be signing or dealing him.

9 thoughts on “Listening to offers about Reyes doesn’t mean he’s leaving.

  1. well if we are rebuilding. and we can get a pitcher for reyes. we do have tejada who is a natural 2nd baseman, who didnt do too shabby when he played the position for the ill reyes.

  2. hat can be fixed. he has all of winter to fix that.. and be ok. he just needs to be on base. as a short stop.
    btw i mispoke. rueben is a natural short stop. but you knew what i meant. 2nd base was not his position. he was forced to do it for luis being out. then he got shuffled to his natural position of SS which he did well. remember he just needs to get on base and run.
    doesnt need to hit it out of the park. single a double is all that matters.

  3. Tejada is 20. He’s probably going to need more than one winter to fix his bat.

    I just don’t think at THIS TIME the return for Jose is going to be enough to justify opening holes in the existing lineup. You need to replace the leadoff hitter and the shortstop. That is not easy.

    I see Metsblog has written about try to get Ellsbury from Boston. I’m not so sure that he is a better fit than Jose. He doesn’t hit for enough power to play center, and his injury history is as troublesome as Reyes’.

  4. I hear Fmart still has a knee problem and Murphy has a hammy.

    It is also rumored that they are looking into an injured pitcher from San Diego.

  5. I hope these are rumors. how different than Omar would they be to through good money after bad for the same Old and sick players.

  6. Since they are not spending money they have to look into these throw away players.

    They do have to go after at least one low cost avg pitcher. The type of players the ignored the past 5 years. It may not pan out but they have to try.

    Omar’s approach was either to give 500k-1mil on a prayer that damaged players would pan out or grossly overpay for players based on perceived potential.

    Never did they get the workman like player because they were not good enough. In fact we never went after the lunch pail over achiever types. We do have Bay who seems like a low key grind it out type of player. But he was terrible last year.

  7. yeah, but he reverted back to form.

    i like him too. but he was never going to be core for the team.

    nice arm, good fielder, too wild at the plate.