Mets to tab Collins as manager

Terry Collins is 61 years old and hasn’t managed in the major leagues in 11 years, but will become the 20th manager in Mets’ history.

I’m happy about the selection and don’t believe for a second the team doesn’t have its fingers on the pulse of its fans, many of whom remain infatuated with 1986 and preferred Wally Backman get the job.

I’m pleased with the selection because it showed the Mets followed through on their promise to make a thoughtful decision and didn’t cave to make the popular pick, the easy pick just to placate the emotions in the stands.

Doing so could have set the team back several years.

Sandy Alderson knows more about what’s going on than the fans and the media. He has a proven track record and was hired to rebuild this franchise. I trust he knows what he’s doing and want to see how things develop before trashing his pick.

Alderson conducted an exhaustive search of ten candidates before narrowing it down to Collins, Bob Melvin, Chip Hale and Backman. Collins’ reputation is one of being fiery – the description of Backman, who has 444 less career major league wins as a manager – and of being solid in player development, essential for a team looking to rebuild.

Hale is expected to remain with the organization, but no word yet on what will become of Melvin and Backman. Both worked for the Mets last season and could be brought back.

Alderson has a rebuilding plan and it won’t happen overnight. Collins will be given a two-year contract, time enough to lay a strong foundation.

The Mets are a team in transition. Their first step was to add a well-respected front office, which has now made it first move.

Let’s see how it works.

6 thoughts on “Mets to tab Collins as manager

  1. Good.

    Now we need to put together a team.

    I understand they fired the draft guy. A positive step.

    Their drafts have been terrible for a long time.

  2. I’m not thrilled by this hire but I don’t have the same feeling of dread that I had in 1992 when they hired another retread, Jeff Torborg.
    As far as passing over Backman, well, you have to hire the best person even if they aren’t a former Met.

    Adam Rubin of ESPNNY had an interesting stat in his chat today. Cyclone attendance was up a whole nine fans per game in 2010 with Backman as manager.

    Collins in the past has done well his first
    couple of years and then the wheels fell of the car. Alderson is wise in giving him two years.

  3. by keeping the runner ups in the runners up in the org. he has hedged his decision. if the door hits collins in the arse on the way out then Sandy just calls .. next.
    then just fills the role lesser vacant role as need dictates.