Mets managerial decision due shortly

Sandy Alderson will have his second round of interviews today with Wally Backman (noon) and Terry Collins (2 p.m.) then deliberate with his staff.

COLLINS: Is Mets MGR frontrunner

A decision could come as soon as Sunday or Monday.

“I think it is important that one have time to reflect, but I don’t think we need to sleep on this for a week and a half,’’ Alderson said Wednesday night at the GM meetings. “In fact, I think you get less effective at some point if you wait too long. I think that we should be in a position to make a decision Sunday/Monday.’’

Alderson’s planning and organization is coming through with these interviews, and he’s been open enough to give the fans a glimpse of what is going on. The sense of secrecy that was before isn’t there.

Don’t get me wrong, there will be times – during trades and in the free-agent process – where Alderson will play it closer to vest, but his overall openness has been refreshing.

One thing coming out of these interviews is with the four finalists all having Mets ties, they should all likely remain with the organization despite the outcome so that should ease in the transition.

I still believe Collins is the frontrunner, with Bob Melvin slotting in as the bench coach, Chip Hale remaining in the coaching staff and Backman staying in the minor leagues. Candidates Ken Oberkfell and Dave Jauss will also remain with the organization.

“I’m happy to say that everybody does have a Mets tie, which is a very good thing,’’ Alderson said. “I think. It speaks to the quality of individual we have in the organization currently.’’

In all fairness to Omar Minaya and Jeff Wilpon, these candidates were all brought on board pre-Alderson, so there was some movement in rebuilding the organization. A lot of the rebuilding in the minor league system came in the wake of the Tony Bernazard fiasco.

What’s next after the managing decision is tweaking the roster because all indications there won’t be an overhaul.

With the belief Johan Santana won’t be back, and Hisanori Takahashi gone and Pedro Feliciano likely to follow (both the Yankees and Phillies have expressed interest, so bet on him leaving), the Mets need to address their rotation and bullpen.

Help will have to come from within or on the cheap because the Mets already said they won’t be big players in the free-agent market. They’ll spend more than the $5 million reported they have available, but not by much. As it is, they already have $130 million earmarked in 2011 salary, with $18 million belonging to Oliver Perez ($12 million) and Luis Castillo ($6 million).

7 thoughts on “Mets managerial decision due shortly

  1. from 4 to 3 to 2 candidates.
    it’s a win win.. probably the next step is having the new manager look at beltran then having discussion.

  2. I see this as the mark of a manager.

    One thing that managers do is set deadlines. Sandy is setting his deadlines and then making a decision. I am surprised the passing of his father does not impact the timeline.

    I don’t know if the team will be better or not this year than last, but it is reassuring to know that the guy at the top seems to have a plan.

  3. just read a post interview with wally.

    about 10 questions were posed.

    his answer.

    it was good.

    if you are a reporter i can see many reporters being very happy with the answers to all their varied questions.

    ‘it was good’

    post it on your wall..

  4. I’m not crazy about any of these four candidates but hiring a GM is more important (unless you get a manager like Dallas Green who shreds young pitchers arms) and Alderson was the right guy for the job.

    Kind of interesting the runner ups will stay in the organization. Ryne Sandberg left the Cubs when he was passed over. Of course we saw Whitey Herzog leave in 1972 after being passed over for GM and later manager.

  5. My take on that now that i have thought about it.
    If you have the runner ups in the organization and the winner fails. he can be easily/quickly replaced with a previously interviewed candidate.

  6. My vote is for Chip Hale- The notion that prior major league experience is bs. Check out what Davey Johnson did – Yes he was a minor league manager but I think Hale embraces new ideas and I am sure he would fit in fine with Alderson

  7. on the radio they were reporting collins is the man.

    i have also heard that collins has a long term relationship with both sandy and fred. goes out to dinner, etc with them.