Mets showed proper restraint in Uggla

Don’t be too harsh on the Mets for not going after Dan Uggla despite their need for a second baseman.

UGGLA: Did right thing in passing.

Surely, the Mets could have matched the Braves in the talent sent to Florida, but it is apparent they are looking ahead to after the 2011 season when the books are cleared to dive into the free-agent market. By that time their interest figures to be pitching, not throwing over $50 million at a defensive liability at second base, regardless of his power potential.

The Braves made the deal figuring on Uggla being a one-year rental for $7.8 million, a luxury the Mets could not afford.

Sandy Alderson is already on record saying the Mets wouldn’t be big players in the free-agent market because of the $36.5 million earmarked for Oliver Perez, Luis Castillo and Carlos Beltran, plus $21 million due Johan Santana, who might not be available following surgery.

The Mets need a starter, bullpen help after losing Hisanori Takahashi and likely Pedro Feliciano, a second baseman and back-up catcher.  Even if the Mets were to rent Uggla, the money would be better spent on those areas.

Omar Minaya hamstrung the Mets with bloated contracts. The last thing they need is another one in Uggla, either in the long or short term.

4 thoughts on “Mets showed proper restraint in Uggla

  1. I see a difference already. full disclosure to the fans. we would get these hemms and haaawws from both M&M about what they need can or cannot get..
    so far so good. lets remember that omar started out decent as well then showed true colors. what i am understanding however is that this is Sandy , what u see is what you got and not what he is hiding like omar.

  2. I didnt think the mets would go after him even though we do need someone at 2b. it is possible we open with Luis again.

  3. dave (2): I like Uggla, but not at that price. I would rather see Tejada than Castillo at second, but you’re right – there could be no changes there.-JD