Collins emerges as frontrunner

With Clint Hurdle hired to manage the Pittsburgh Pirates, it is becoming more apparent that Terry Collins has become the frontrunner to land the Mets job.

The Mets really liked the job Collins did as minor league field coordinator, a position that gives him an advantage because of his familiarity with the minor league system. Bob Melvin, who was an AL scout for the Mets last season, is next in line.

Reportedly, both are ahead of Wally Backman because of their major league managerial experience.

It has also been reported Melvin could be in line to become bench coach, with Dave Jauss assuming Collins’ old role. It is believed Dan Warthen and Chip Hale will remain from Jerry Manuel’s staff.

6 thoughts on “Collins emerges as frontrunner

  1. Warthen, really? oh well if Sandy says .. ok.

    JD, what makes Bob Melvin, an AL scout, a better manager than a manager? If you have collins as front runner to have Wally after a non manager is a bit hypocritical.
    Wally is berated for not having major league experience.
    Picking them out isnt the same and being able to direct them.
    I thought this was all about what have you done lately? Wally took a team(s) from the dungeon and made them contenders.
    now in the last, how many years did collins / melvin do that? Remember everyone, I am asking the question because I do not know how good these guys were as managers.
    So if this is all hedging on merit, I want to make sure that a successful minor league manager is left dead last for a reason. of the 3 wally is the only one coming directly from a successful managerial position.

  2. 2.) I did. but i wanted JD’s and anyone else’s opinion on these guys. because wiki will only tell you so much and I don’t believe everything I read. if so..
    then why was collins fired. why didnt melvin quit.
    seems to me these 2 also fell short of the mark and were kicked to the curb.
    But then again I could be reading it wrong. so I want to know what have they done lately that is equivalent to a successful minor league manager that has brought teams up from the brink?
    I also read some where that Tim Tuffuel(sic?) is in the mix to be a coach.

  3. Collins had issues with Mo Vaughn in LA.
    Melvin ran into a rough spot in Arizona. (fun fact, he was hired after Wally was fired)

    Now, pretty much every manager has rough patches. Even the best have losing seasons, or poor seasons. And many get hamstrung by bad GM’s signing guys to outrageous contracts (Collins with Vaughn, Melvin in Arizona).

    I like the idea of Tuefel as a member of the ML coaching staff.

    Now, I liked Wally. As a player. Nice platoon guy. He did a nice job in Brooklyn this season. Of course, that was made possible by the team having drafted a few good guys this year, and also having some “overage” guys on the team. So it isn’t all Wally that they had a good season.

    People love the “grit” that Wally brought to the table as a player. Whether that translates to a manager is unknown. Player skillsets do not necessarily translate to managerial skillsets.

    Simply hiring a guy because he brings back fond memories is no way to pick the manager of your team. Or a coach.

    Heck, if it was, bring back Bobby V. He at least had some success as a manager in NY.

    Given the mix of players on this team, between veterans and youth, a manager with experience is probably the best way to go. Someone with experience will most likely be able to deal with both types of players.

    The manager isn’t going to get people to buy tickets. Unless he gets the team to win.

  4. 4. Ed fair enough. I can buy that.. we got burnt by No Vaughn too, how funny huh.

    I will be happy with anyone that works.
    Davy said it best, I couldn’t manage these guys. That spoke volumes. I don’t Bobby would want to either.

    Can you see anyone of these guys except maybe Wright accept a fine for doing the wrong thing? How often when the players didnt play hard either Ron or Keith would say, thats a fine. and the other would say, not anymore..

    The players today are treated like prima donnas and not like men and players. A man knows his job and when you dont do you job you get in trouble. simple as that..

    If Sandy and the manager he chooses does that, I am satisfied. If no backman, i am sure they will keep him in minors to win next year and prove it wasnt a fluke.

    just one more note to your point on Wally:
    “He did a nice job in Brooklyn this season. Of course, that was made possible by the team having drafted a few good guys this year, and also having some “overage” guys on the team. So it isn’t all Wally that they had a good season.”

    Agreed and interestingly enough, Davy says the same thing about him managing the 86 mets. They made it easy for me.

    Lets Go Mets!