Beltran willing to move to right

One of Sandy Alderson’s objectives is to convince Carlos Beltran to accept a move to right field and it looks as if that might happen.

In a conference call Thursday, Beltran said he would be open to moving to right field and waiving his no-trade clause.

BELTRAN: Open to move and trade

“I still feel that I can play center field,’’ Beltran said. “But, if the organization has different things in mind, then we have to talk about it.’’

Beltran wants to finish his career with the Mets, but is aware the club would like to shed his $18.5 million salary.

“If the organization is looking at different options, I have to be aware,’’ Beltran said. “So if a situation comes between them and us, we’re going to handle it in a very professional way.’’

The talking could start Saturday when Alderson travels to Puerto Rico for Beltran’s fundraiser for the construction of his baseball academy.

This is all a very positive development for the Mets, but I wouldn’t get carried away about the no-trade clause. There are several reasons why the Mets would like to deal Beltran, but they also add up to why it likely won’t happen.

At 34 and after missing most of the past two seasons with a knee injury, Beltran doesn’t have the range that helped him win three Gold Glove Awards. Given that, and his salary, a team won’t want to surrender much for Beltran, especially considering this is his walk year.

Any team trading for Beltran would want the Mets to assume a large part of the contract. With that the Mets might as well keep him and hope he’s healthy and motivated to play for a new contract.

2 thoughts on “Beltran willing to move to right

  1. it would also help him.

    no sense having replays on national tv of carlos running around like a wounded duck.

  2. M&M refused to even try. in less than a month the subject has been broached.
    ok, I am starting to like Sandy. In the end I think Beltran’s managers’ power play with the knee surgery will wind up hurting him.
    it worked on M&M but there’s a new sheriff in town.
    now everyone has to check their guns at the office.