Mets’ manager interviews to have second phase

The Mets’ managerial search will include a second round of interviews with Terry Collins, Don Melvin and Wally Backman. No word on any others getting a second round.

Speculation is with the hiring of Paul DePodesta to oversee the minor leagues and player development departments, Collins has become a frontrunner for the managerial job.

Collins, the Mets’ minor league field coordinator last season, has a better grasp of the Mets’ minor league system overall than the other candidates overall. Melvin was a major league scout last season for the Mets and Backman was manager of their Single-A Brooklyn affiliate.

Both Collins and Melvin have major league managing experience.

Initially, it was thought the new manager should not have ties to the Mets, but all three do, as does Tim Tuefel.

10 thoughts on “Mets’ manager interviews to have second phase

  1. having experience and being good at it or learning from the previous mistake. Is not the same thing. How often did Backman or any one of these pull the team from the bottom to be contenders?
    Thats the real measure. If there’s a good answer then pick the right man thats all i care about.

  2. JD: Where did you see that they were definitely coming back for 2nd interviews? I’ve only seen rumors and speculation so far. As for the three mentioned, none of them inspires me…Collins quit his last two managerial jobs, and Melvin was fired from two different organizations. Backman wouldn’t be even talked about unless he was a 1986 hero. My preference would be for Chip Hale. He’s been a 3rd base coach for a number of years, was manager of the year in the minors and was successful over all. He is spoken about as having the fire necessary along with an analytical baseball mind. He’s my choice.

  3. Also, the Angels mutinied on Collins. Not sure that should be looked upon in his favor. LOL

  4. But I thought everyone stated in Alderson we trust ? .. not so happy with it are ya? 😉
    gotta love us NYers.

  5. i am looking at krod’s stats

    220 vs 371 era last year. somehow i do not feel as though he pitched 40% better this year than last.

    just one more item to fill in for the stats never lies folder.

  6. I wonder with these candidates if Alderson is discounting the idea that you have to have experience in New York to be a manager. Unless the 14 at bats Melvin had as a Yankee in 1994 is sufficient. He had some success with Arizona in 2007 but wasn’t able to build on it. As for Terry Collins, why???

    Maybe one of these guys will be a pleasant surprise or maybe Alderson will hire a surprise candidate. But right now I am unimpressed. But perhaps Alderson knows more than me at my computer.

  7. I agree that managing in ny is different.

    managing at the mlb level at least puts you in the hot seat. it is different than playing in ny. if you play you are responsible for you. as a manager you are responsible for the team.

    look at willie. he played here all those years and yet on the hot seat, he made some tactical errors in how he responded to questioning or just to situations. like after the epic collapse everything was cool which set the stage for his end.